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Hello everybody. I have a problem with GAG. I have Win XP on drive C and Win VISTA on drive D. I've installed GAG, and there is no problem booting from XP, but when I choose booting from VISTA, it boots from XP as well!!!!!
During the "add operating system" I saw on drive C one string in black and one in blue (for XP), and I chose the black one. When changing to drive D, I saw a line called only "42" in black (of course I suppose it is Vista, because I have only VISTA installed on that drive).
Trying and retrying, in the end, on 10 attempts it starts XP 7 times, and 3 times appears "NTLDR missing".
If I use only drive D, without boot manager and without the drive C, it starts normally. Can someone help me, also because I read somewhere that VISTA has its own boot manager. I could put drive D as principal and use VISTA boot manager...is it possible?


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    Have you tried using the Windows XP partition boot manager ?
    http://neosmart.net/dl.php?id=1 has a tool to edit it conveniently

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    Here is how you do it from the people at http://webhostisp.com

    First find the drivers for your network components, wireless card or nic, and save them to an external device such as a floppy disk or flash drive.

    Then you will need to go into the BIOS on your computer startup. Scroll to the System Configuration tab and go down to the SATA Native Support and change its setting to Disabled. Then hit F10 to Save and Exit.

    Next, insert your Windows XP CD and create the partition you wish to install XP on. After the installation is complete you should boot automatically into XP.

    Now you need to move some files. First, make sure you have set your folder options to see hidden files and to show protected operating system files. Then open Windows Explorer and go to the drive where Vista is installed. Copy the folder Boot, and the files bootmgr, boot.ini, NTDETECT.COM and ntldr and paste them to the root of your XP drive.

    Then download Vista Boot Pro and save it to your desktop or somewhere else that you can easily access. Unless you already have .Net Framework (v2.0 at least) it will redirect you to a Microsoft page where you can download this necessary component.

    Install and run Vista Boot Pro and open the "Bootloader" tab. Select "Reinstall the Vista bootloader" and press Apply. Then go to the Manage OS Entries tab and select "Add new operating system entry" and make sure you select "Windows Legacy". Give the new entry a name (ie: Windows XP) and select the drive letter you have XP on and then select Apply. You can also choose which entry you would like as the default the system will boot to.

    And now you should be able to dual boot between Vista and a previous OS.

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    (Gag can't cut it atm)


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