#20 Please Help Me I am devastated


THE SYSTEM: 2 physical 60 MB IDE drives (one with
original XP system), I installed a SATA controller
and added a 250MB SATA drive, put a similar version
of XP on that, with the intention of gradually
switching to that system....so for a while I was
physically disabling the drives to select boot disk.

THE INCIDENT: I found GAG and thought it would make
this process easier. I couldn't figure out how to
add my OS's properly (possibly because it didn't see
the SATA?) So I stumbled thru a few attempts at that
and then gave up and uninstalled GAG...evidently
destroying any sort of useful MBR. Now not only can
I not boot off of the origional OS, I CANT SEE MY
DATA. I am in a state of panic.. This process was
suppost to back up this very data, not render it
useless. Why do you hate me? *weeps*

Im a technical person. However I have little
knowledge of how a computer works at this level.

Please lend an ear to the details of my issue. I
have years of creative work at stake. I live with an
IT guy, so any specific needed details about my
problem can be provided.

I live in Canada. Please email me or call me with
ANY tips or refrences.


yahooID: Dabatude



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