robycicca - 2011-03-23

I have a netbook with Windows XP and Windows 7 installed and without a cd-rom drive, so I followed the instruction of nowisgold in the forum, I used UNetbootin and I create a USB bootable drive with GAG. Then I boot the netbook from usb drive, GAG starts, I configure GAG, then I want install GAG on the MBR of the hard-disk, but when I choose "save on the hard-disk" GAG install itself on the MBR of the usb drive (when I boot from USB drive tihis drive becomes first hard disk while the (actual) hard disk becomes the second hard disk).
I look for a solution to install GAG on MBR of the hard disk of a netbook: netbook don't have an internal cd-rom drive and I don't want pay 40 euro to buy an external cd-rom drive.
If I could save GAG on the MBR of the 2nd hard disk I will have my problems resolved.
Thanks for the help.