#25 UI revamp with Themes

JT Moree

I have been working on ideas to add themes support to GAG. There are a few technical issues but I think they can be overcome. the details are on a wiki

the most promising approach is to have GAG draw primitives on the screen. GAG already knows how to draw boxes and text in different colors. All that's needed is a routine to do those things based on some instructions read from somewhere. See wiki for details.


  • JT Moree

    JT Moree - 2006-12-14

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    Raster is open to the idea of a revamp of the interface. Themes may be too much work but at least a face-lift. I made a mockup of something I like.

  • Vincent Callanan

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    Let me first congratulate developers of GAG on a wonderfully simple boot manager that just works!!! BUT.....on the subject of themes...
    Please lose all the attempted GUI enhancements in what is generally a crappy boot video environment anyway. Many BIOSes do tricks with pixels on hi-res graphics which makes GAG graphics look even more awful, especially when resolution is not a multiple of 640x480.
    Ironically, the basic VGA colour/graphics scheme used in the INSTALLER is actually quite BEAUTIFUL!!!! It makes the program look professional. Why not use that "theme" in the boot program itself...or at least provide an option for "simple" boot graphics. Only a humble (but I think pertinent) suggestion.
    Thanks again for a great utility!!


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