#1 cd-booting-option



i am a new user of your software. I find it great work,
continue like this.

I wanted to ask you for a possibility to boot from GAG
and then select to boot from CD. Would this be possible
to implement ?

Thanks in advance


  • Sergio Costas Rodriguez

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    I'm working on it! I'm working on it! (arf, arf...) I hope
    to have a version capable of booting a CD in three-four months.

  • Maverik

    Maverik - 2005-04-21

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    what is the status of this feature? i'm interested to.. well
    i mean.. last update is 21-12-2002 meanwhile we have
    21-04-2005 ^^

    thx for report .. =)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Yes, I would love an option to boot a cdrom.

  • Sergio Costas Rodriguez

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    Hi everybody.

    When I wrote the first answer I was trying to implement a CD
    boot option into GAG, but after two months of failures, I
    decided that it was too dificult, in part due to the lack of
    documentation and spare time.

    Currently I'm busy with new projects like DeVeDe and
    GtkPSproc. This and the fact that I'm working full-time
    means that I'm unable to continue working on GAG.

    Well, and I'm too old to continue working in assembler. It's
    really hard O:)

    Of course, GAG is still an usefull program, and I'll answer
    all the questions received in my email address, but I can't
    add new things into GAG.


    I strongly encourage all you to take the source code and add
    new capabilities into it, or to make a fork. The GPL license
    is for that.

    Thank you everybody for using it.


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