Alex Soyouth - 2011-01-16


I am a newbie and I followed a tutorial to install a dualboot XP - Ubuntu on a same hardrive, using GAG as a main boot manager. With the idea to be able to do os cloning seemlessly and add or remove OS without impacting anything else.

I have 2 XPs on primary partitions and Ubuntu on an extended. I installed XP First, then ubuntu, with the option to install the linux boot manager on the PBR of my linux partition, to leave untouched the MBR for GAG.

GAG could boot windows without problem but would not boot Ubuntu. After some searches I realized that Ubuntu 10 uses grub2 and that GAT won't load grub2. So I followed another tutorial to uninstall grub2 and install grub legacy on the PBR of my Linux partition and it WORKED ! I was able to boot ubuntu

BUT… GAG keeps desinstalling itself every 2 boots and at startup I am left with a screen that says GAG 3 and stays stuck here. I have of course reinstalled GAG from the CD, but it keeps leading to the same behavior.

The first time I boot Ubuntu, everything is fine, I am able to restart the computer and boot into whichever OS I want. At second reboot though, GAG gets stuck.

I am not using any hibernation neither in windows or linux.

Any suggestion would be appreciated, I am really tired of resintalling gag every second time I boot. I am considering switching to smart boot manager but I might end up having the same problem, or revert to grub2 and use it from the MBR to manage all my systems but I would loose some of the flexibility I initially wanted.

Thanks a lot,