NEWBIE GOTTA QUESTION,may sound dumb, but...

  • Victor Hatley

    Victor Hatley - 2009-07-03

    I just got gag and installed it with win me on a 40 g hdd. parted the disk as this PART 1 : Win me fat 32, PART 2: fat 16 and started install, but cannot continue because gag takes over before rebooting  to the install to complete it. I have tried to disable the active (main) part but this didn't work. What do  I do to complete the install of nt? My wife already loves this program because she prints in nt and surfs in me! So I really need to solve this.

  • Burpnrun

    Burpnrun - 2010-07-12

    Sorry for the late reply, and I hope you have solved your problem but, if not:

    When you have finished istalling an OS and it reboots to "finalize", use the appearance of AG to setup that OS for booting.  Really three things to do:
    - which parition that OS is to boot from (warning re: Win7/Vista)
    - name you want to give it
    - icon.

    Then choose the menu entry, push the number for the OS you just detailed, and "voila".

    The second OS you install, do the same thing, but this time add a timer (afterwhich a default OS is booted if no selection made), and in the next screen (which confusingly looks like the main menu upon bootup, but isn't) choose which OS will be the default after the timer runs down to zero.  Then select "menu" and boot you second (or higher) installed OS.

    Next time you boot you will have the two OSs in the menu and, absent pressing a key to select which one to boot, the default one will boot.  BTW, if you get confused by the menu after a reboot/initial startup, just hit the spacebar … it will kill the time and give you a chance to look things over and decide.


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