I'm trying to dual boot Windows XP and Windows 2000 with GAG. I could use the default ntldr, but GAG looks better.

I just installed Windows 2000 after resizing my existing XP partition. 2000 put it's own ntldr and ntdetect.com in the root of my XP partition, causing XP to not boot so i chanched them with the ones on the XP cd. I them copied ntldr and ntdetect off the 2000 cd and put them in the root of the 2000 partition. I also added the boot.ini. Now after installing GAG, XP will boot but when i try to boot 2000, all i get is a blinking line. I can boot off a floppy with 2000's ntldr, ntdetect and boot.ini.

I've tried going into the recovery console on the 2000 cd and doing fixboot but it doesn't work.

They are both onn primary partitions, does  this matter?