d turner - 2012-12-02

I have been trying to set up a laptop for dual boot; it has no data/the hdd is clean, so that's not an issue.  I searched and searched for a method and finally decided to try gag, and after stumbling through its interface, I finally got it to work…. I loaded xp onto a partition that didn't occupy the whole hard drive, then loaded gag, then configured gag to load the first xp instance, then created a new partition with gparted live, then created a new os in gag, then booted to that os which produced a black screen/flashing cursor/error message: no boot record found.  Then, I put the xp cd in and rebooted, and it loaded, and everything is fine, EXCEPT…. just a glitch, but here it is:  when I boot the first xp instance (call it DAW), my computer shows c: (os loaded here) and e: (the other os is in here).  When I boot the OTHER xp instance (call it GENERAL USE), my computer just shows c: (with the correct OS).  In other words, under GENERAL USE the other OS's partition is invisible, but under DAW, the other OS's partition is visible as e:.  Did I do something wrong, and how do I go about setting it up correctly?