Gag will not choose between 3 win on one disk

  • Anonymous - 2004-01-21

    I have a dell optiplex, pentium 2, 266mgh, and I'm giving it to my sister and her three kids.  I was going to use gag to put three win98 os on the hd (Western 30 gig hard drive, 8,8 and 12 gig partitioned), but I keep running into the same problem.  Once I get the windows systems installed and I then install gag, I get this on the set up screen
    Key                   Partition Type
    A                      Boot from Floppy
    B OBh Ms-windows FAT32
    c OBh Ms-windows FAT32
    d OBh Ms-windows FAT32

    (A and B are in black)
    I assign each a different number according to instructions, but when I try to run the different systems 2 of the choices will go to the same windows system and one of them will give me a message on the screen "invalid system disk". 
    I have tried this different times, first installing gag, then the windows systems, then installing the windows  systems and then gag, I have checked and unchecked the hide partition option.  Still I have this problem.  I thought it might be the bios, since the dell bios list as 1998, but I kept the first two partitions down to 8 (the minimum that the western hd set up program allows) gigs and that did not fix it.  Is the problem in the way I am installing the windows98se os?  Is there a specific way I should install it with gag?


    • Fn Ord

      Fn Ord - 2004-05-03

      Sounds exactly like the problem I'm having, but with w2k.

      Gag seems to realize that I have 2 partitions, but it will only list the first one, albeit twice.


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