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"disk error" when trying to save to disk

  • chupalake

    chupalake - 2008-02-03

    Hi, I have no problems and I am very satisfid with GAG when starting from the CD, but I just can not install to the Hard disk, I get a "Disk error" message. I have a Asus Z53T notebook with a Seagate ST9120822AS SATA hard disk. Partitions:
    1- Primary -win XP
    2- Primary -win vista
    3- extended Data

    The Hide function also works fine, so each windows instalation don't see each other (that is after all why I am using GAG).

    Thanks in advance for any help

    • Robert Traynor

      Robert Traynor - 2009-07-13

      I have EXACTLY the same problem with a MSI L745 notebook.
      The BIOS SATA mode is in IDE mode.

      I have just upgraded the 160gb SATA 2.5 inch drive to a 500gb SATA drive.

      I have restored an image of Windows 7 RC to be Primary #1and an image of Windows XP sp3 as Primary Partition #2. With An extended partition containing one logical partition.  (Effectively same as your partition layout.)

      My hard disk is also a Seagate as I have previously determined that a WD drive will not function reliably in this notebook.

      I would prefer to use GAG but this error makes that seemingly impossible at this time.

      I am currently using Air-Boot as a boot manager, and it also has partition hiding capability and more, but Air-Boot's config interferes with program registration info with _SOME_ Adobe commercial products that hide in the area of track 61 (or thereabouts).

      • Robert Traynor

        Robert Traynor - 2009-07-13

        Commenting on my own previous post, I found the FAQ in the download zip file and had a look.

        ---Quote On---
        When I install GAG 4.0 in my hard disk, I receive a 'Disk error' message, but GAG 2.1 works fine. What's the problem?

        GAG stores itself in the first track of the hard disk. This track is reserved for this kind of programs. The versions 2.1 and earlier were much smaller and could be installed in only 17 sectors. The new version 4.0 needs 42 sectors. If your hard disk is old (maded before 1992) and/or you haven't the LBA mode active in the BIOS, it is possible that it has not enough sectors in the first track to store GAG 4.0, so you must use GAG 2.1.

        But don't worry, with newer hard disks (made after the year 1992) this will no happen.

        ---Quote Off---

        This seems to be the problem _EXCEPT_ this laptop is less than 2 years old and has a bios that can successfully see a 500gb SATA laptop hard drive..!

        Yet another boot manager that has similar requirements (Air-Boot) does work ok.

        Just located a new Air-Boot version I was not aware of:-


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