Howto test gag from usb stick?

  • FunThomas424242

    FunThomas424242 - 2004-06-19


    i'm new to gag. I would like to test gag. But on my computer there is none floppy disk (laptop). So i would like test and install gag on a usb stick.
    At now i'm using windows. Howto make a bootable usb-stick to test gag?

    Thanks Thoms

    • du

      du - 2004-08-08

      good question,why no answer?

    • Sergio Costas Rodriguez

      I'm not sure. I know that you can create a bootable USB stick by copying a floppy image into it in some way, so you have to copy the disk.dsk file into it in that way. Unfortunately I don't know the way.

      Anyway :) you can try with a CD-ROM too.

      • IceCube

        IceCube - 2007-08-20

        Use "HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool" to format the usbstick.

        The next site discribes how to make an USB stick bootable when you have no floppy drive

        Part 3B of the site:

        Your USB Memory Device should be visible on the top most drop down menu (if not, look for it, if it still does not show up, your USB Device may be incompatible with booting or this utility).
        Select FAT or FAT32 as your file system, Fat32 may be preferable for large memory devices, FAT may be preferred if you are going for maximum compatibility (example: you want to use the device with Printers, Cameras, etc).
        Optionally, you may give your USB-MD a Volume Label.
        Click the ''Quick Format'' check box.
        Click the ''Create DOS Startup Disk'' check box.
        Select the ''Using DOS System Files Located at:'' radio button.
        Point the HP Utility to the source of your DOS system files (the directory, floppy, or virtual floppy drive) using the [...] button below the ''Using DOS System Files Located at:'' radio button.
        Click the [Start] button.

        I recommend
        After installing, open "HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool"
          Choose the right Device (e.g. not your external HD)
          Choose FAT16 as filesystem  (FAT32 or NTFS don't work moste of the times if you want to boot from you stick (depends on you BIOS))

        Copy the file disk.dsk from the GAG archive to an empty directory and point to that directory using the [...] button below the ''Using DOS System Files Located at:'' radio button.

        I hope this helps.

    • David Lehr

      David Lehr - 2006-11-27

      I've got a bit of a roundabout way that worked well for me.

      Install VMWare server (it's free now, yay)
      configure a new virtual machine to use your usb stick as a hard drive, select "use physical disk" followed by "Use entire disk"
      boot the system using the gag iso
      instruct gag to install to hard drive

      Since the USB stick will be the only "drive" available, everything goes right in, boots well for me.

      I'm sure there's a simpler way, hopefully someone will post it up.

    • NZ-Wanderer

      NZ-Wanderer - 2006-12-17

      Hmmm thanks for that workaround, will have to give it a go, as I too have been wondering how I can use gag on one of my usb sticks...

    • NZ-Wanderer

      NZ-Wanderer - 2006-12-18

      Well I gave it a go.. - alas when I went to tell it to use my usb stick as a hard drive, it only gave me options for hda, hdb, hdc, and sda (which are my 4 hard drives...)
      My usb stick shows up in storage media as /media/usbdisk
      Any ideas what I could be doing wrong??
      I would really like to be able to use a usb stick to run GAG :) :)

    • IceCube

      IceCube - 2007-08-20

      NZ-Wanderer, I presume that you use linux because of the labeling of your disks.

      hda, hdb, hdc are local harddrives.
      sda is your usbstick. If you had also an external usbdrive, you would see also a sdb.

      • Jerry Heyman

        Jerry Heyman - 2007-08-21

        Under Linux, please be aware that hda/hdb/hdc/hdd are EIDE / Parallel ATA naming.

        If you have a Serial ATA (SATA), you will see sdX (sda, sdb, sdc, etc).

        I've been playing with a bootable external USB attached drive, and each system I move it to it is recognized differently.  Eventually I decided to modify the BIOS boot menus of the systems that I was interested in.



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