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  • seagull369

    seagull369 - 2006-08-29

    Hi folks. I'm having trouble getting Gag to work for me. I checked for documentation where I unzipped the program to, but really didnt see much.

    I have 2 hard drives installed. One is set to master with "XP" on it, the other has "98se" and is set to slave. They share the same IDE cable.

    While in "XP" I used "install_XP.cmd" from Gag to create that bootable floppy. When I restart my computer with the floppy installed, I don't get that prompt from Gag I guess I'm supposed to asking me which drive I'd like to boot from. I have the BIOS set to boot from my CD drive 1st, floppy second, and hard drive 3rd, by the way.

    My computer proceeds to start in "XP" and once I just about when I get the usual welcome screen and the desktop appears, my floppy drive starts churning away. It keeps doing this for a while as if it's accessing something but nothing seems to happen otherwise. I've let it go on for a couple of minutes before I get sick of hearing the noise and eject the disk.

    Any ideas as to what's up?

    • NZ-Wanderer

      NZ-Wanderer - 2006-12-18

      Try double clicking on the install.bat file instead of the install_xp one...

      When I made up my floppy, I forgot about the xp one and just double clicked on the install.bat and it worked anyway..

      Hope it works for you...


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