Chris McClure - 2014-04-24

These pages were an enormous help to me 5 years ago, when I multibooted Win7 (office work), Win/64bit (video workshop), XPsp3 (DAW) and XPsp2 (Games). I used GAG Boot Manager to boot, and it all worked perfectly until a year ago.
GAG "lost touch" with two of the OSes, and it took a LOT of backtracking to discover it was the result of one particular MS Security Update, which I then uninstalled (collateral damage - some 'innocent' updates). That was all such a drama that I have refused all Updates since (stupid!)

I developed a habit, during this period, of booting two of these OSes by using F12 to access my Award BIOS boot menu, then selecting the required HDD. This was quicker and more direct even than using GAG, and I am considering adopting this as my normal boot process - can anyone think of any pitfalls to doing this?