GAG forcedly hides Vista partition from XP

  • sfqwert

    sfqwert - 2007-09-11


    I have two partitions Vista and XP and they both boot fine from GAG. I can see
    XP Partition from Vista, but I can't see Vista Partition from XP, irrespective
    of GAG hide partition option in settings. GAG forcedly hides vista partition
    from XP (writes type 17 instead of 07 to partition table) and I couldn't find
    anything to change this. Any ideas ? Thanks.

    • JGustavo

      JGustavo - 2008-01-28

      my to, but reverse...
      xp partition hide in vista

    • Anonymous - 2008-05-15

      Same problem with JGustavo here! :-(

      XP (pro sp3 Eng. 32bit) partition is hidden when booting to vista (biz. Eng. 32bit).

    • Ludovic Kief

      Ludovic Kief - 2009-06-12

      Me too.
      After reading the GAG manual, it seems that GAG always hide some partition(s).  At the minimum, one...
      Either If we don't select the option "Hide primary partitions", GAG hide just the first primary partition.
      or, if we select this option...   GAG hide all the primary partitions but not the one where it boots.(which remain visible, so this option can be usefull with some OSes like DOS, in some conditions...)
      I think GAG is really an excellent Boot manager, but just this fonction to always hide the primary partition even if we don't want it anymore, is quite a problem.

      As for me, and other user it seems, I would like to be able to see all partitions of each other all over my disk, whatever the OS we boot... XP or Vista.

      Here is not someone who know a version of GAG (newer or older), which DON'T hide partitions???   ;-)

    • Ludovic Kief

      Ludovic Kief - 2009-06-14


      As I received no feed back, I decided to try to change by myself.
      So I looked in the source file,  modified a little bit, and compiled. Thanks to the programmer for his clear source, and comments.  Despite I never touch "Machine Assembler" language of my life, I was able to fix it for me.
      Now my version, DON'T hide anymore when I don't select the option.

  • Ben_sa2000

    Ben_sa2000 - 2009-11-16

    Hi Saebasan,
    Could you please tell how you did to solve that problem of hiding partitions.
    I really DON'Twant to change GAG with any other boot manager.

    Thank's a lot

  • Visibler

    Visibler - 2010-05-03

    saebasan. How do you solve that ?

    Anyway. Once I am in xp how can I unhide the windows 7 partition ?
    Best Regards

  • Burpnrun

    Burpnrun - 2010-07-12

    Yes, I really, really hate the way GAG hides the lower primaries (by design) even with "don't hide" selected in configuration.

    As my first primary, I have a FAT16 with MS/DOS that I also use as an inter-OS file access/transfer area, since I'm not fond of Linux doing extensive write ops on NTFS volumes, and Windows systems don't want anything to do with Linux partitions.  My second primary is EXT3 for OpenSuse, and the third primary is Windows 7 (used to be XP).  I have numerous NTFS and EXT extended partitions, two of which have test Linux operating systems on them.

    Any Linux OS (primary or extended) can see the FAT16 partition, Windows 7 can't, since the FAT16 is marked hidden by GAG when Windows 7 is selected to boot.  Yes, I know I could add another FAT partition in the extended area to get around this, but I'm getting real close to the max allowed, and I also need to access it via DOS … the HDD is 1.5TB, currently.

    Professor, PLEASE, at least give us the option to truly "don't hide" partitions, if this option is selected, rather than the half-a***d current scheme of hiding any partition(s) lower than the primary one booted, despite selecting "don't hide" in the configuration panels!


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