gino - 2012-03-25

I have a particular problem after the installation of Gag on my dualboot.
Situation: two hds, every with an only primary partition, motherboard with 4 connectors used ide: 2 for the unities disk and 2 for the optical unities.  First hd on ultra primary channel ata 100 ide with WinXP. Second hd on the ultra secondary channel ata 100 ide with WinME. Bootloader Gag installed in the bootsector of the first hd. Operation all ok except a problem in WinME: in the management peripheral they disappear both the unities disk that the unities dvd-cdrom and the controller ide ata and scsi raids (promise) has an exclamation point with error (code 10 malfunction). The operation of Me is normal except the impossibility to reach the connected optical unities on the primary ide and secondary ide.
I have already verified that if  I disconnect  the cable of hd with XP, WinME doesn't introduce some problem anymore and it returns everything working.