hitesh - 2005-02-16

I have two SATA RAID arrays configured on machine.

On the first raid array I have installed Windows XP and Windows 2003 and on the other one I have installed Sun Solaris 10.

While configuring the Sun Solaris OS on the 2nd disk (Press 2), I saw the menu to be something like

  A Boot from Floppy Disk
  B BCH or some similar cryptic string..

Is that normal. I selected B.

I installed GAG on a floppy to boot between the multiple OS's. (I didn't wanted to change my MBR on Hard Drive, I decided to use the Floppy based boot and it works great.)

However, for some reason, when I select Sun Solaris 10 to be booted, it pick up the Sun Boot Manager but is trying to load it
from /disk/diskette0 or something like that. Sun Solaris Boot Configuration Assistant then corrects it everytime to go to the right (ide0 etc..) address.

Anyway where I can resolve this so that I don't have to use the Config Assistant steps.

Any tips?