error GAG:3 to clone with ghost

  • salva144

    salva144 - 2006-09-05

    -I have installed GAG in a disk 1.
    -I clone the disk with Norton Ghost to disk 2.
    -I put the disc in another PC.

    -In the starting it shows an error: "GAG:3" and it's stopped.

    I can solve it? 

    • NZ-Wanderer

      NZ-Wanderer - 2006-12-19

      The gag 3 error means that the installer isn't found..

      Taken from the read me:
      The code loaded from the floppy or the hard disk does not have the GAG signature. Its possible that the first track has been overwritten. Make another installation disk and try again..

      Hope this helps a little...


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