Choice of icon sets for GAG?

  • herman16

    herman16 - 2007-05-05

    I would like to ask if it is likely that users will be able someday to easily be able to change the appearance of GAG, of if GAG could be made in different versions with different themes. Even a just choice of different colors would be nice. I mean you could make a grey and black GAG like it is now, and a light-green/dark-green GAG or light and dark browm, or light and dark blue and so on.

    I tried to make my own icons for GAG but I could now get gagicon.c to complie with 'gcc -o gagicon gagicon.c' for some reason. Even if I do that I will still not be able to re-complie GAG with different icons because I don't have Borland's TurboAssembler.
    I made icons for Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu and Edubuntu but I can't install them in GAG. :)

    Ubuntu is now at the moment the most popular Linux distro by a big margin and I estimate it is being installed in about 1200 computers per day.
    A thread about what improvements people would like to have in the next version of Ubuntu, which will be code-named 'Gutsy Gibbon', included this thread on a 'Graphical Grub', see link:
    I think what the thread is really about is people want 'eye candy', but some people just want a boot manager that works like GAG does.

    It would be nice if we could have a special GAG for Ubuntu or if we could at least have some Ubuntu icons for GAG's buttons. GAG is already used by some Ubuntu users but I think it would be a lot more popular if either it is either made able to be easily customized by the users or if GAG could be made in different colors and flavors.

    He-he - (Chocolato?) :)

    Regards, Herman

    • Sergio Costas Rodriguez

      Sorry for the delay.

      Yes, that would be a very good feature. Unfortunately there are two problems: the dependency from Borland's Turbo Assembler (which could be avoided by translating the code to a free assembler) and the limited disk space in the first track. The later is the bigger problem to do what you want :(

    • herman16

      herman16 - 2007-08-28

      Oh, okay, thanks you for the reply, Sergio ! :)
      If you say it is difficult then you probably know best. I haven't put in the time and effort to learn very much about programming yet, so I can only dream about what would be nice.
      I will keep on trying to learn things, and I will check someday if Free Pascal would be useful to do some of the things that Borland's Turbo Assember can do, or if there is some other open source program that can be used at all.
      An idea would be to let the user choose their language, color scheme and a set of icons when GAG is in the floppy disk or CD? Then just write the copy of GAG that goes to the first track with only the language and color scheme and icon set that the user chooses? (Surely there must be some work-around)?
      He-he :), sorry to bother you, I know that GAG is already very good, but I think that a lot of users really love to be able to customize the way things look in their computer and I think if it can be made easy for users somehow then GAG will become very much more popular than it is already.
      Regards, Herman :)


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