Have you seen this one?

  • Anonymous - 2003-10-22

    Hi gang,

    Love the GAG! It's doing what I expect it to do and then some... ;}

    Question is...

    I have HD#1 with Linux-RH8 & Win2000Pro and HD#2 with Win98. HD#1 is on the primary IDE, HD#2 is on the second IDE. They both have a CDROM set as the slave.
    The boot loader works very well booting into each of the OS's but the Win98 version lost the ability to recognize the CDROM & CDRW. I have GAG changing the drive letter. The Primary and secondary IDE channel controllers are disabled even though I have the latest drivers installed.

    Any idea?

    • Sergio Costas Rodriguez

      Yes: just read the FAQ.


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