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Is it possible to boot a CD by means of gag?

  • heken

    heken - 2007-10-07

    Sorry but my englis is very poor.
    I want to boot a CD by means of gag. Is this possible? How is it done?

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2007-10-08

      Hi heken! :-)

      Short answer: You have to burn cdrom.iso at a CD.

      Long answer:
      1) Download gag.
      2) Unzip it.
      3) Locate cdrom.iso file.
      4) Burn it. (Burning an iso is different than burning usual files. If you are not familiar with this, and you want further details, please tell me, which burning software do you have)?

      PS. No problem for your English! Many of us, we are not native English speakers anyway. :-)

    • sfqwert

      sfqwert - 2007-10-11

      I guess heken meant an option to boot any CD from GAG, not booting GAG from a CD.

      • Anonymous

        Anonymous - 2007-10-11

        Ooops! Sorry!
        I misunderstood! :-)

        Then, seems like the only option, is rebooting.

    • Gert Hulselmans

      Gert Hulselmans - 2007-11-26

      Currently GAG isn't able to do that.

      If you want to boot a CD from a bootmanager, try gujin.


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