Problem configuring GAG to boot PCBSD

  • Benjamin

    Benjamin - 2007-01-30

    Dear friends:

    I have repeatedly failed to install and configure the GAG Boot Manager in order to dual boot WinXP and PCBSD. Can you please help me?

    Here is a full-length guide to using GAG. I studied it carefully, printed it out and tried several times to configure it but still can't get it to launch PCBSD:

    GAG home page:
    (Latest version : gag47

    Here is exactly what I did:

    I have two physical drives (hda and hdb or disk 0 and disk 1).

    1) I did a fresh install of Windows XP on disk 0. Works fine.

    2) I then installed PCBSD 1.3.01, the latest version. I first downloaded PCBSD, checked its md5sum, everything was perfect, then burned it and then changed the Bios sequence to CD in order to install it.

    3) During installation, I used the existing partitions on disk 1 (i.e. hdb) from a previous installation, which is as follows:

    / 28 GB -- Primary
    /home 6 GB -- Primary
    /swap 2 GB -- Primary
    /var 2 GB -- Extended

    I selected / (28GB) to install PCBSD on and checked the bootloader in order to make sure PCBSD dual-boots with WinXP. I then went ahead and let PCBSD copy its files and install itself. Installation completed without a hitch. I removed the CD and rebooted.

    I then switched to the floppy in the Bios. This brought up the GAG boot manager. I had downloaded it earlier in Windows, formatted a floppy and clicked on the Install_XP in the GAG folder, thereby creating in DOS a GAG floppy. The GAG floppy launched fine. I then configured it in its Setup program (Click on S), added WinXP and then BCBSD, saved it on my GAG floppy (making sure that it was writeable). GAG said that it saved the settings successfully. I then clicked on Return to Main Screen, clicked on PCBSD. But PCBSD would NOT launch. Nothing happened. I then clicked on WinXP. It launched fine.

    I exited Windows and booted up (still set for diskette booting). This brought up a GRUB Error message (I think Error 17) against a dark background. Dead end. I went back to the Bios, switched to the hard drive, booted up and this launched WinXP without any errors.

    I have tried different ways to configure GAG to make it work, but it has not so far.

    Note 1: I was asked whether I should switch drive letters. Should I?

    Note 2: When adding the OS to GAG, GAG listed Windows (NTFS) but not PCBSD. However, when I pressed 2, it brought up a list which included FreeBSD and Linux. So, I was able to add PCBSD.

    What am I doing wrong, please. I am very frustrated and would like to start using PCBSD.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you.


    • Jerry Heyman

      Jerry Heyman - 2007-05-22

      Something wierd about PCBSD as far as I can tell.  I've been using GAG since version 4.1 and have successfully used it for NetBSD, FreeBSD, BeOS, Linux, Solaris, and Java Desktop.

      When I attempted to use it for PCBSD 1.3.01, it all appeared to load correctly,
      but when I was booting PCBSD it would somehow cycle itself after loading the
      kernel.  After a few days of on and off trouble shooting, I decided that it was
      a PCBSD issue.  Will try again when a newer version of PCBSD becomes available.


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