;Dutch translation for GAG ;These are the messages of GAG. This is the file you need to ;translate if you want to have GAG in your own languaje. ;The text must end in zero. That's why there's the ',0' at the ;end of each one. ;each type of text has a maximum length. ; Messages 'presentation' (up to 40 characters) mabort DB "of Escape om af te breken",0 mbsel DB "Toets 1-9 om een OS te selecteren",0 mdelnm DB "Toets 1-9 om een OS te verwijderen",0 mgag DB "GAG De Grafische Opstart Manager",0 mlett DB "Toets A-Z om een optie te kiezen",0 mlett2 DB "Toets A-Z om een icoon te kiezen",0 mnum DB "of 1-8 om een harde schijf te kiezen",0 mnumb DB "Toets 1-9 om het besturingssysteem te starten",0 mopti DB "Toets Partitie type",0 ;messages 'intro' (up to 36 characters) mboot DB "Seconden? (Enter of 0 is uit)",0 mdescr DB "Geef een beschrijving (maximaal 15 tekens)",0 mentpsw DB "Geef wachtwoord",0 mnewpsw DB "Wachtwoord? (Enter voor geen)",0 ;messages 'error' (up to 34 characters) mbdisa DB "Startklok uit gezet",0 mberr DB "Maximale tijd is 99 seconden",0 merrls DB "Disk station niet klaar",0 merrms DB "Opstartsector niet gevonden of ongeldig",0 mgraba DB "Schijffout",0 mincor DB "Wachtwoord incorrect",0 mnoos DB "Er is geen OS om te wissen",0 mnoent DB "Geen velden meer beschikbaar",0 mpsdisa DB "Wachtwoord uit gezet",0 msucces DB "GAG is succesvol ge´nstalleerd",0 mswap DB "Verwissel schijf letters?",0 ; Setup menu (Max. 30 characters) ; Each option has a HOTKEY, wich is delimited by 255,21,"hotkey",255,16 ; That group of numbers puts the letter in that colour. Be sure you put ; the same hotkeys here than in the 'Setup keys' group. madd DB "Voeg een nieuw ",255,21,"b",255,16,"esturingssysteem toe",0 mdel DB 255,21,"V",255,16,"erwijder een besturingssysteem",0 msavfd DB "Sla op op ",255,21,"F",255,16,"loppy",0 msavhd DB "Sla op op ",255,21,"H",255,16,"arde schijf",0 mbotim DB 255,21,"O",255,16,"pstart klok",0 mpassw DB "Installeer ",255,21,"w",255,16,"wachtwoord",0 mretur DB 255,21,"T",255,16,"erug naar hoofdmenu",0 ; mhide can have a maximum of 29 characters (sorry), and must ; end with that color code (255,22) mhide DB "V",255,21,"e",255,16,"rberg pri. partitie",255,24 ; don't thouch this. Is used to store the OK symbol. It mus be ; inmediately AFTER mhide mhide2 DB 32,255,21,0 ; Yes/No myesno DB 255,21,"J",255,16,"a/",255,21,"N",255,16,"ee",0 ;Other messages mdisk DB "A Start van floppy",0 ; up to 36 chars. WARNING with the spaces msetp2 DB "Stel GAG in",0 ; up to 15 chars mdos DB "MS-DOS FAT",0 mwin DB "MS-Windows FAT32",0 mos2 DB "OS/2 HPFS of Win-NT NTFS",0 mbm DB "OS/2 Boot Manager",0 mlinux DB "Linux EXT2",0 mbsd DB "FreeBSD",0 mbeos DB "BeOS",0 mobsd DB "OpenBSD",0 mthek DB "Toets " thekey DB 0,0 ; here stores the key to print mnull DB 0 ;Menu keys ;These are the keys for each menu option. ;You must put the same letters than ;in the HotKeys, and must be in lowercase keyadd equ "b" ; Add an OS keydelete equ "v" ; Delete an OS keyfloppy equ "f" ; save in Floppy keyhd equ "h" ; save in Hard disk keytimer equ "o" ; Boot timer keypassw equ "w" ; setup Password keyreturn equ "t" ; Return to main menu keyyes equ "y" ; Key for 'Yes' keyno equ "n" ; Key for 'No' keyhide equ "e" ; Hide/unhide all partitions ; Setup keys ;here is the key used to enter setup from the ;main menu keysetup equ "S" ; Setup key in Uppercase keysetu2 equ "s" ; Setup key in Lowercase ;table of Operating Systems ; 9 entries with 40 bytes each one ostabl: DB 1h ; 1 byte: icon (0FFh=entry not used) ;Translate this entry too. DB "Start van disk "; 15 bytes: OS'name (completed with blank spaces) DB 0 ; 1 byte: drive unit (0=A: 1=B: 80h=HD1 81h=HD2 ...) DB 0 ; 1 byte: start head DB 1 ; 1 byte: start sector DB 0 ; 1 byte: start track DB 0 ; 1 byte: tells if there's or not password DB 15 DUP(0) ; 15 bytes: stores the password DB 0 ; 1 byte: swap drive (if different to 0) DB 0 DB 0 DB 0 ; 3 bytes: reserved DB 320 DUP(0FFh) ; rest of entries DB 0FFh ; end of table