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Upcoming 0.2

New version 0.2 is almost ready and should be released this week. This release has some major changes, briefly:
- Better usability: Icon type menus (instead of Commands), less clicks, easier to use, better look.
- Select softkey implemented. Also the keypad to move and make actions.
- All phrases translated: Some text was still in spanish.
- More bugs fixed.
- Total size cut to half. Images converted to 8 bit. About 195 Kb, still too big.

Posted by GAEM 2005-03-08

Download and intall GAEM

GAEM can be now downloaded and installed from your phone. There's a copy accesible from To access: Open with your phone -> Quick Download -> enter Quick Download Code 971

I also put it in my server (wich is not 24/7 up, but most of the time), you can download accessing

Posted by GAEM 2005-02-25


Hello there,
i forgot to mention the dialogue in the game was translated to english. From now on, the main release will be the english. The code is still to be translated, there are parts coded in english but most are in spanish.
That was all

Posted by GAEM 2005-02-24

Online setting up

Hi there,
I've was coding these last days, mainly improving the interface and implementing the support for the different screens (title, game, help).

I had a problem with my f$#& ISP (the almighty My domain was not redirected to my homepage and the technical support just ignored me grrrrr. I was planning to link my domain to my personal page, and there link to GAEM on SourceForge and link to a server wich can handle MIDlets downloads (.jad/.jar).... read more

Posted by GAEM 2005-02-24

Starting all

Still modifiying and uploading web...

Posted by GAEM 2005-02-21

GAEM on SourceForge!

My submit to host GAEM on SourceForge has been accepted, thank you :-)

When i signed up, i found a project named GAEM too (also an adventure engine but for web). I didn't try to take over the name because i was unsure if i would get the host. Now i think i send a take over petition 'cause it was never used...

Posted by GAEM 2005-02-21