doug.shawhan - 2007-02-07

I have been running gadfly on a website for about a year.

I (yes, very lame) upload a new version of the .gfd and .grl files daily.

I have been building these files on OpenBSD V3.8 - V4.0. I recently changed to linux (Ubuntu edgy). All scripts are the same as before.

However, now my uploaded files cause the following pukeage:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "index.cgi", line 111, in ?
  File "index.cgi", line 26, in main
    connection = gadfly.gadfly("froogle", "./")
  File "/home/.landers/lysdexia/", line 44, in __init__
  File "/home/.landers/lysdexia/", line 127, in open
    db = self.database = fs.load() #self.sql)
  File "/home/.landers/lysdexia/", line 348, in load
    commands = self.get_initstatements()
  File "/home/.landers/lysdexia/", line 462, in get_initstatements
    data = checksum_undump(f)
  File "/home/.landers/lysdexia/", line 46, in checksum_undump
    data = marshal.loads(storage)
ValueError: bad marshal data

The scripts work locally. The versions of gadfly are (afaikt) the same.

Any clues as to why it is vomiting?