#9 Potato deb


I run a classroom of Potato boxes, already have jabber
server running, and I would like to install gabber. I
was looking for a Potato deb, and a few weeks ago I
found it at your web. Installing it I get this error:
dpkg-deb (subprocess): unexpected end of file in member
data in /home/(...)/gabber_0.8.4-4_i386.deb. It suggest
an incorrect (ascii, not binary) download, so I tried
download it again very carefully, with same result, so
I think that the package was incorrectly uploaded. The
potato deb is no longer available, but I'm still very
interested in it. I would like to use it also on my
workstation to worldwide contact via jabber.org. I
cannot compile it myself because Potato misses a lot of
uptated required libraries. Any help will be very
appreciated. Thanks in advance. Pedro Reina


  • Julian Missig

    Julian Missig - 2001-12-09

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    I don't run Debian and apparently the only potato deb I've
    ever been given was broken. There's not much I can do.

  • Anonymous - 2001-12-09

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    I removed the gabber packages from my web site
    (http://eliot.landrum.cx/packages) because I am not able to build
    packages for potato any more. I would recommend downloading the source
    package from Debian testing or unstable and build the package
    yourself. To be able to fulfill the dependencies, I'd suggest adding
    Ximian Gnome to your sources.list. Otherwise you're going to end up
    recompiling a lot of packages.

    Sorry there isn't an easy solution.


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