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G4L 0.52 Released 09/20/2016

There were 44 update images built during this cycle including the
following changes since release of 0.51

Released 0.52 2016/09/19
kernel 4.6-rc7 2016/05/08 (bz4x6.rc7)
kernel 3.14.69 2016/05/11 (bz3x14.69)
kernel 3.18.33 2016/05/11 (bz3x18.33)
kernel 4.1.24 2016/05/11 (bz4x1.24)
kernel 4.4.10 2016/05/11 (bz4x4.10)
kernel 4.5.4 2016/05/11 (bz4x5.4)
kernel 4.5.4 now default kernel
kernel 4.6.0 2016/05/15 (bz4x6.0)
kernel 3.14.70 2016/05/19 (bz3x14.70)
kernel 4.4.11 2016/05/19 (bz4x4.11)
kernel 4.5.5 2016/05/19 (bz4x5.5)
kernel 4.5.5 now default kernel
kernel 3.18.34 2016/05/21 (bz3x18.34)
kernel 4.1.25 2016/05/21 (bz4x1.25)
kernel 3.12.60 2016/05/23 (bz3x12.60)
kernel 4.7-rc1 2016/05/29 (bz4x7.rc1)
kernel 3.14.71 2016/06/01 (bz3x14.71)
kernel 4.4.12 2016/06/01 (bz4x4.12)
kernel 4.5.6 2016/06/01 (bz4x5.6)
kernel 4.6.1 2016/06/01 (bz4x6.1)
kernel 4.6.1 now default kernel
kernel 4.7-rc2 2016/06/05 (bz4x7.rc2)
kernel 3.18.35 2016/06/06 (bz3x18.35)
kernel 4.1.26 2016/06/06 (bz4x1.26)
kernel 3.14.72 2016/06/08 (bz3x14.72)
kernel 4.4.13 2016/06/08 (bz4x4.13)
kernel 4.5.7 2016/06/08 (bz4x5.7)
kernel 4.6.2 2016/06/08 (bz4x6.2)
kernel 4.6.2 now default kernel
kernel 4.7-rc3 2016/06/12 (bz4x7.rc3)
kernel 4.7-rc4 2016/06/20 (bz4x7.rc4)
update linux firmware files
kernel 3.18.36 2016/06/23 (bz3x18.36)
kernel 4.1.27 2016/06/23 (bz4x1.27)
busybox 1.25.0
kernel 3.14.73 2016/06/24 (bz3x14.73)
kernel 4.4.14 2016/06/24 (bz4x4.14)
kernel 4.6.3 2016/06/24 (bz4x6.3)
kernel 4.6.3 now default kernel
busybox 1.24.2 downgraded. New version sends messages to stderr
instead of stdout for somethings. Also, messages changed to all
lower case, whereas past has had first letter cap? Not sure why
the changes were made, but this breaks current script processes.
Have sent message to busybox list, but no response yet.
kernel 4.7-rc5 2016/06/27 (bz4x7.rc5)
kernel 4.7-rc6 2016/07/04 (bz4x7.rc6)
kernel 4.7-rc7 2016/07/11 (bz4x7.rc7)
kernel 4.4.15 2016/07/11 (bz4x4.15)
kernel 4.6.4 2016/07/11 (bz4x6.4)
kernel 4.6.4 now default kernel
kernel 3.18.37 2016/07/14 (bz3x18.37)
kernel 4.1.28 2016/07/14 (bz4x1.28)
kernel 4.7.0 2016/07/24 (bz4x7.0)
kernel 3.14.74 2016/07/27 (bz3x14.74)
kernel 4.4.16 2016/07/27 (bz4x4.16)
kernel 4.6.5 2016/07/27 (bz4x6.5)
kernel 4.6.5 now default kernel
kernel 3.18.38 2016/07/30 (bz3x18.38)
kernel 4.1.29 2016/07/30 (bz4x1.29)
kernel 4.8-rc1 2016/08/08 (bz4x8.rc1)
kernel 3.14.75 2016/08/10 (bz3x14.75)
kernel 3.18.39 2016/08/09 (bz3x18.39)
kernel 4.4.17 2016/08/10 (bz4x4.17)
kernel 4.6.6 2016/08/10 (bz4x6.6)
kernel 4.6.6 now default kernel
rebuilt 4.6.6 4.7.0 4.8-rc1 kernels with NVM
kernel 4.8-rc2 2016/08/15 (bz4x8.rc2)
kernel 3.14.76 2016/08/16 (bz3x14.76)
kernel 4.4.18 2016/08/16 (bz4x4.18)
kernel 4.6.7 2016/08/16 (bz4x6.7)
kernel 4.7.1 2016/07/16 (bz4x7.1)
kernel 4.7.1 now default kernel
kernel 3.14.77 2016/08/20 (bz3x14.77)
kernel 4.4.19 2016/08/20 (bz4x4.19)
kernel 4.7.2 2016/08/20 (bz4x7.2)
kernel 4.7.2 now default kernel
kernel 4.8-rc3 2016/08/21 (bz4x8.rc3)
kernel 3.18.40 2016/08/22 (bz3x18.40)
kernel 4.1.31 2016/08/22 (bz4x1.31)
kernel 4.8-rc4 2016/08/28 (bz4x8.rc4)
Virtual Box support NVME disk, so tested the
NVME and it seems to be recognized with no issues
with the latest kernels 4.6.x and above.
kernel 3.18.41 2016/09/04 (bz3x18.41)
kernel 4.1.32 2016/09/04 (bz4x1.32)
kernel 4.8-rc5 2016/09/04 (bz4x8.rc5)
kernel 3.14.78 2016/09/07 (bz3x14.78)
kernel 4.4.20 2016/09/07 (bz4x4.20)
kernel 4.7.3 2016/09/07 (bz4x7.3)
kernel 4.7.3 now default kernel
kernel 4.8-rc6 2016/09/12 (bz4x8.rc6)
kernel 4.4.21 2016/09/15 (bz4x4.21)
kernel 4.7.4 2016/09/15 (bz4x7.4)
kernel 4.7.4 now default kernel
kernel 3.18.42 2016/09/17 (bz3x18.42)
kernel 4.1.33 2016/09/17 (bz4x1.33)
kernel 4.8-rc7 2016/09/19 (bz4x8.rc7)

Posted by Michael Setzer II 2016-09-20

G4L 0.51 Released 05/08/2016

Released after 60+ alpha - Mostly kernel updates and minor changes and work towards get EFI boot, but still not there with EFI.

List of all changes since 0.50 release.
Released 0.51 2016/05/05
library update
kernel 4.4.rc7 2015/12/28 (bz4x4.rc7)
Updated Grub4dos 0.4.5c files to 12/31/2015
kernel 4.4.rc8 2016/01/03 (bz4x4.rc8)
kernel 3.12.52 2016/01/09 (bz3x12.52)
kernel 4.4.0 2016/01/10 (bz4x4.0)
Updated Grub4dos 0.4.5c files to 01/18/2016
kernel 3.14.58 2016/01/23 (bz3x14.59)
kernel 4.1.16 2016/01/23 (bz4x1.16)
kernel 4.3.4 2016/01/23 (bz4x3.4)
kernel 4.3.4 now default kernel
kernel 4.5.rc1 2016/01/24 (bz4x5.rc1)
kernel 4.2.8 removed
kernel 3.18.26 2016/01/25 (bz3x18.26)
kernel 3.12.53 2016/01/27 (bz3x12.53)
kernel 3.14.60 2016/01/29 (bz3x14.60)
Updated Linux Firmware 2016/01/19
kernel 4.1.17 2016/01/31 (bz4x1.17)
kernel 4.3.5 2016/01/31 (bz4x3.5)
kernel 4.4.1 2016/01/31 (bz4x4.1)
kernel 4.4.1 now default kernel
kernel 4.5.rc2 2016/02/01 (bz4x5.rc2)
kernel 4.5.rc3 2016/02/07 (bz4x5.rc3)
kernel 4.5.rc4 2016/02/14 (bz4x5.rc4)
kernel 3.12.54 2016/02/15 (bz3x12.54)
kernel 3.18.27 2016/02/15 (bz3x18.27)
kernel 4.1.18 2016/02/15 (bz4x1.18)
kernel 3.14.61 2016/02/17 (bz3x14.61)
kernel 4.4.2 2016/02/17 (bz4x4.2)
kernel 4.4.2 now default kernel
kernel 4.3.6 2016/02/19 (bz4x3.6)
kernel 4.5.rc5 2016/02/20 (bz4x5.rc5)
kernel 3.14.62 2016/02/25 (bz3x14.62)
kernel 4.4.3 2016/02/25 (bz4x4.3)
kernel 4.4.3 now default kernel
kernel 3.12.55 2016/02/26 (bz3x12.55)
kernel 4.5.rc6 2016/02/28 (bz4x5.rc6)
kernel 3.14.63 2016/03/03 (bz3x14.63)
kernel 4.4.4 2016/03/03 (bz4x4.4)
kernel 4.4.4 now default kernel
kernel 3.18.28 2016/03/04 (bz3x18.28)
kernel 4.1.19 2016/03/04 (bz4x1.19)
kernel 4.5.rc7 2016/03/06 (bz4x5.rc7)
kernel 3.12.56 2016/03/08 (bz3x12.56)
kernel 3.14.64 2016/03/09 (bz3x14.64)
kernel 4.4.5 2016/03/09 (bz4x4.5)
kernel 4.4.5 now default kernel
kernel 4.5.0 2016/03/14 (bz4x5.0)
kernel 3.14.65 2016/03/16 (bz3x14.65)
kernel 4.4.6 2016/03/16 (bz4x4.6)
kernel 4.4.6 now default kernel
kernel 3.18.29 2016/03/17 (bz3x18.29)
kernel 4.1.20 2016/03/17 (bz4x1.20)
Updated Linux Firmware 2016/03/18
kernel 3.12.57 2016/03/08 (bz3x12.57)
busybox 1.24.2 2016/03/25
kernel 4.6-rc1 2016/03/26 (bz4x6.rc1)
Working on getting EFI support??
Moved some files in CD root to subdirectories
kernel 4.6-rc2 2016/04/03 (bz4x6.rc2)
kernel 3.18.30 2016/04/03 (bz3x18.30)
kernel 4.1.21 2016/04/03 (bz4x1.21)
changed to genisoimage from mkisofs in makecd and makecdrm
Seems Fedora links mkisofs to genisoimage, so in trying to
add EFI support better to use the matching build options
from Syslinux web site for genisoimage. Still no luck with EFI?
kernel 4.6-rc3 2016/04/11 (bz4x6.rc3)
kernel 3.14.66 2016/04/12 (bz3x14.66)
kernel 4.4.7 2016/04/12 (bz4x4.7)
kernel 4.5.1 2016/04/12 (bz4x5.1)
kernel 4.5.1 now default kernel
kernel 3.12.58 2016/04/13 (bz3x12.58)
kernel 4.6-rc4 2016/04/18 (bz4x6.rc4)
kernel 3.18.31 2016/04/19 (bz3x18.31)
kernel 4.1.22 2016/04/19 (bz4x1.22)
kernel 3.14.67 2016/04/20 (bz3x14.67)
kernel 4.4.8 2016/04/20 (bz4x4.8)
kernel 4.5.2 2016/04/20 (bz4x5.2)
kernel 4.5.2 now default kernel
kernel 3.18.32 2016/04/23 (bz3x18.32)
kernel 4.6-rc5 2016/04/24 (bz4x6.rc5)
kernel 4.1.23 2016/04/25 (bz4x1.23)
kernel 3.12.59 2016/04/27 (bz3x12.59)
kernel 4.6-rc6 2016/05/01 (bz4x6.rc6)
kernel 3.14.68 2016/05/04 (bz3x14.68)
kernel 4.4.9 2016/05/04 (bz4x4.9)
kernel 4.5.3 2016/05/04 (bz4x5.3)
kernel 4.5.3 now default kernel

Posted by Michael Setzer II 2016-05-14

G4L 0.50 Released 12/26/2015

Released version 0.50 of G4L after 49 alphas. Mostly kernel updates and other minor issues, but did add the dhcpd server option for those situations were a server isn't available or network is disconnected from the regular dhcpd server.

Changes since 0.49
Released 0.50 2015/12/24
Upgraded to Fedora 22 base system
kernel 4.3.rc3 2015/09/27 (bz4x3.rc3)
kernel 4.1.9 2015/09/29 (bz4x1.9)
kernel 4.2.2 2015/09/29 (bz4x2.2)
kernel 4.2.2 now default kernel
kernel 3.10.90 2015/10/01 (bz3x10.90)
kernel 3.14.54 2015/10/01 (bz3x14.54)
kernel 3.18.22 2015/10/01 (bz3x18.22)
kernel 4.1.10 2015/10/03 (bz4x1.10)
kernel 4.2.3 2015/10/03 (bz4x2.3)
kernel 4.2.3 now default kernel
kernel 4.3.rc4 2015/10/04 (bz4x3.rc4)
kernel 3.12.49 2015/10/07 (bz3x12.49)
kernel 4.3.rc5 2015/10/11 (bz4x3.rc5)
busybox 1.24.0 2015/10/12
Remove kernel 3.10.90
Added NOSMP menu to syslinux.cfg since
some cpus get kernel panics with 4.1.x kernels
and above without the nosmp option
kernel 4.3.rc6 2015/10/18 (bz4x3.rc6)
kernel 3.14.55 2015/10/22 (bz3x14.55)
kernel 4.1.11 2015/10/22 (bz4x1.11)
kernel 4.2.4 2015/10/22 (bz4x2.4)
kernel 4.2.4 now default kernel
busybox 1.24.1 2015/10/24
kernel 4.3.rc7 2015/10/25 (bz4x3.rc7)
kernel 3.14.56 2015/10/27 (bz3x14.56)
kernel 4.1.12 2015/10/27 (bz4x1.12)
kernel 4.2.5 2015/10/27 (bz4x2.5)
kernel 4.2.5 now default kernel
kernel 3.18.23 2015/10/29 (bz3x18.23)
kernel 4.3.0 2015/11/02 (bz4x3.0)
kernel 3.18.24 2015/10/31 (bz3x18.24)
kernel 3.12.50 2015/11/02 (bz3x12.50)
kernel 3.14.57 2015/11/09 (bz3x14.57)
kernel 4.1.13 2015/11/09 (bz4x1.13)
kernel 4.2.6 2015/11/09 (bz4x2.6)
kernel 4.2.6 now default kernel
Update on NOSMP option, seems kernel issue
was resolved with kernel 4.2.4 and above.
kernel 3.12.51 2015/11/25 (bz3x12.51)
Updated firmware files
Done testing with bz4x4.rc kernels, but have
issues with seeing nic in virtualbox testing.
Nic only shows up with failsafe boot??
Two patches added to busybox
bz4x4.rc4 seems to have fixed kernel issue.
kernel 4.4.rc4 2015/12/06 (bz4x4.rc4)
kernel 3.14.58 2015/12/09 (bz3x14.58)
kernel 4.1.14 2015/12/09 (bz4x1.14)
kernel 4.2.7 2015/12/09 (bz4x2.7)
kernel 4.2.7 now default kernel
kernel 4.3.1 2015/12/09 (bz4x3.1)
Remove nosmp option, since kernel problem fixed.
kernel 4.3.2 2015/12/10 (bz4x3.2)
kernel 4.3.2 now default kernel
kernel 4.4.rc5 2015/12/14 (bz4x4.rc5)
kernel 4.1.15 2015/12/15 (bz4x1.15)
kernel 4.2.8 2015/12/15 (bz4x2.8)
kernel 4.3.3 2015/12/15 (bz4x3.3)
kernel 4.3.3 now default kernel
Added udhcpd to busybox to add dhcpd option
kernel 3.18.25 2015/12/15 (bz3x18.25)
Updated Grub4dos 0.4.5c files to 12/16/2015
kernel 4.4.rc6 2015/12/21 (bz4x4.rc6)
Now have udhcpd setup figured out.
Boot system, and it fails to get IP if no dhcpd server.
ifconfig eth0 up
Then other systems should get IPs starting with
/etc/udhcpd.conf has the defaults from busybox example.
added setdhcpd script to activate eth0 and start udhcpd
Updated Grub4dos 0.4.5c files to 12/24/2015

Posted by Michael Setzer II 2015-12-26

G4L 0.49 Released 9/23/2015

Had 99 alphas in this update, and here are all the changes.

Released 0.49 2015/09/21
Upgraded to Fedora 21 base system
kernel 4.0-rc4 2015/03/16 (bz4x0.rc4)
kernel 3.10.72 2015/03/18 (bz3x10.72)
kernel 3.14.36 2015/03/18 (bz3x14.36)
kernel 3.19.2 2015/03/18 (bz3x19.2)
kernel 3.19.2 now default kernel
kernel 3.12.39 2015/03/19 (bz3x12.39)
Updated busybox 1.23.2 2015/03/22
kernel 4.0-rc5 2015/03/22 (bz4x0.rc5)
kernel 3.18.10 2015/03/24 (bz3x18.10)
Updated Linux Firmware 2015/03/26
kernel 3.10.73 2015/03/26 (bz3x10.73)
kernel 3.14.37 2015/03/26 (bz3x14.37)
kernel 3.19.3 2015/03/26 (bz3x19.3)
kernel 3.19.3 now default kernel
kernel 4.0-rc6 2015/03/29 (bz4x0.rc6)
kernel 3.18.11 2015/04/04 (bz3x18.11)
kernel 4.0-rc7 2015/04/06 (bz4x0.rc7)
Updated ntfsprogs 2015/03/14
kernel 3.12.40 2015/04/09 (bz3x12.40)
Update Grub4dos files
kernel 4.0.0 2015/04/12 (bz4x0.0)
kernel 3.10.74 2015/04/13 (bz3x10.74)
kernel 3.14.38 2015/04/13 (bz3x14.38)
kernel 3.19.4 2015/04/13 (bz3x19.4)
kernel 3.19.4 now default kernel
Updated g4l30o11 script with clearing swap partition
Updated cleandrive8.dialog script with clearing swap partition
TestDisk 7.0 Released 04/18/2015
kernel 3.10.75 2015/04/19 (bz3x10.75)
kernel 3.14.39 2015/04/19 (bz3x14.39)
kernel 3.19.5 2015/04/19 (bz3x19.5)
kernel 3.19.5 now default kernel
kernel 3.18.12 2015/04/20 (bz3x18.12)
kernel 4.1.rc1 2015/04/27 (bz4x1.rc1)
kernel 3.10.76 2015/04/29 (bz3x10.76)
kernel 3.14.40 2015/04/29 (bz3x14.40)
kernel 3.19.6 2015/04/29 (bz3x19.6)
kernel 4.0.1 2015/04/29 (bz4x0.1)
kernel 4.0.1 now default kernel
Correction to cleandialog8.dialog script
kernel 3.12.41 2015/04/30 (bz3x12.41)
kernel 4.1.rc2 2015/05/04 (bz4x1.rc2)
kernel 3.12.42 2015/05/04 (bz3x12.42)
kernel 3.10.77 2015/05/06 (bz3x10.77)
kernel 3.14.41 2015/05/06 (bz3x14.41)
kernel 3.18.13 2015/05/05 (bz3x18.13)
kernel 3.19.7 2015/05/06 (bz3x19.7)
kernel 4.0.2 2015/05/06 (bz4x0.2)
kernel 4.0.2 now default kernel
kernel 4.1.rc3 2015/05/10 (bz4x1.rc3)
kernel 3.19.8 2015/05/11 (bz3x19.8)
kernel 3.10.78 2015/05/13 (bz3x10.78)
kernel 3.14.42 2015/05/13 (bz3x14.42)
kernel 4.0.3 2015/05/13 (bz4x0.3)
kernel 4.0.3 now default kernel
Updated some support programs and libraries
Updated /lib/firmware files
kernel 3.10.79 2015/05/17 (bz3x10.79)
kernel 3.14.43 2015/05/17 (bz3x14.43)
kernel 4.0.4 2015/05/17 (bz4x0.4)
kernel 4.0.4 now default kernel
kernel 4.1.rc4 2015/05/18 (bz4x1.rc4)
Updated grub4dos files to 5/18 0.4.5c
kernel 3.12.43 2015/05/20 (bz3x12.43)
kernel 3.18.14 2015/05/20 (bz3x18.14)
kernel 4.1.rc5 2015/05/25 (bz4x1.rc5)
Updated support files and libraries
Set 4.1.rcx kernel to nosmp option panics without??
kernel 4.1.rc6 2015/06/01 (bz4x1.rc6)
Modified primary script to filter /dev/ram0 from
partition lists. 4.x kernels now are showing ram0
in /proc/partitions.
kernel 3.10.80 2015/06/06 (bz3x10.80)
kernel 3.14.44 2015/06/06 (bz3x14.44)
kernel 4.0.5 2015/06/06 (bz4x0.5)
kernel 4.0.5 now default kernel
Update to ntfs programs and libraries (yum update)
kernel 4.1.rc7 2015/06/08 (bz4x1.rc7)
Update lib/firmare 2015/06/11
Updated libfuse
kernel 3.18.15 2015/06/13 (bz3x18.15)
kernel 3.18.16 2015/06/14 (bz3x18.16)
kernel 4.1.rc8 2015/06/15 (bz4x1.rc8)
kernel 3.12.44 2015/06/15 (bz3x12.44)
remove /lib/firmware/brcm and ti-connectivity
since they seem to be wireless only.
Only actually had request for bnx2 and bnx2x firmware
from users, but added the complete firmware, but it has
been growing in size.
kernel 4.1.0 2015/06/22 (bz4x1.0)
kernel 3.10.81 2015/06/22 (bz3x10.81)
kernel 3.14.45 2015/06/23 (bz3x14.45)
kernel 4.0.6 2015/06/23 (bz4x0.6)
kernel 4.0.6 now default kernel
kernel 3.19.8 Dropped old
kernel 3.10.82 2015/06/29 (bz3x10.82)
kernel 3.14.46 2015/06/29 (bz3x14.46)
kernel 3.18.17 2015/06/28 (bz3x18.17)
kernel 4.0.7 2015/06/29 (bz4x0.7)
kernel 4.0.7 now default kernel
kernel 4.1.1 2015/06/29 (bz4x1.1)
kernel 3.10.83 2015/07/04 (bz3x10.83)
kernel 3.14.47 2015/07/04 (bz3x14.47)
kernel 4.2.rc1 2015/07/06 (bz4x2.rc1)
kernel 3.10.84 2015/07/10 (bz3x10.84)
kernel 3.14.48 2015/07/10 (bz3x14.48)
kernel 3.18.18 2015/07/10 (bz3x18.18)
kernel 4.0.8 2015/07/10 (bz4x0.8)
kernel 4.0.8 now default kernel
kernel 4.1.2 2015/07/10 (bz4x1.2)
Modified rcS to ignore standard firmware message
kernel 4.2.rc2 2015/07/12 (bz4x2.rc2)
kernel 4.2.rc3 2015/07/19 (bz4x2.rc3)
kernel 3.18.19 2015/07/21 (bz3x18.19)
kernel 4.0.9 2015/07/21 (bz4x0.9)
kernel 4.0.9 now default kernel
kernel 4.1.3 2015/07/21 (bz4x1.3)
kernel 4.2.rc4 2015/07/26 (bz4x2.rc4)
kernel 3.12.45 2015/07/30 (bz3x12.45)
kernel 4.2.rc5 2015/08/03 (bz4x2.rc5)
kernel 3.10.85 2015/08/03 (bz3x10.85)
kernel 3.14.49 2015/08/03 (bz3x14.49)
kernel 4.1.4 2015/08/03 (bz4x1.4)
kernel 4.1.4 now default kernel
kernel 3.12.46 2015/08/07 (bz3x12.46)
kernel 3.18.20 2015/08/08 (bz3x18.20)
kernel 4.2.rc6 2015/08/09 (bz4x2.rc6)
kernel 3.10.86 2015/08/10 (bz3x10.86)
kernel 3.14.50 2015/08/10 (bz3x14.50)
kernel 4.1.5 2015/08/10 (bz4x1.5)
kernel 4.1.5 now default kernel
kernel 4.2.rc7 2015/08/16 (bz4x2.rc7)
kernel 3.10.87 2015/08/17 (bz3x10.87)
kernel 3.14.51 2015/08/17 (bz3x14.51)
kernel 4.1.6 2015/08/17 (bz4x1.6)
kernel 4.1.6 now default kernel
kernel 4.2.rc8 2015/08/24 (bz4x2.rc8)
kernel 3.12.47 2015/08/27 (bz3x12.47)
kernel 4.2.0 2015/08/30 (bz4x2.0)
kernel 4.2.0 now default kernel
kernel 3.18.21 2015/08/31 (bz3x18.21)
kernel 4.0.9 2015/07/21 (bz4x0.9)Deleted
kernel 4.3.rc1 2015/09/13 (bz4x3.rc1)
kernel 3.10.88 2015/09/13 (bz3x10.88)
kernel 3.14.52 2015/09/13 (bz3x14.52)
kernel 4.1.7 2015/09/13 (bz4x1.7)
kernel 3.12.48 2015/09/18 (bz3x12.48)
kernel 4.3.rc2 2015/09/20 (bz4x3.rc2)
kernel 3.10.89 2015/09/21 (bz3x10.89)
kernel 3.14.53 2015/09/21 (bz3x14.53)
kernel 4.1.8 2015/09/21 (bz4x1.8)
kernel 4.2.1 2015/09/21 (bz4x2.1)
kernel 4.2.1 now default kernel

Posted by Michael Setzer II 2015-09-23

G4L 0.37 and G4L documentation

Updated to G4L documentation from very old 0.16 to the 0.37 version.

This has been a long time..

The Latest in the g4l 0.37 update.

Latest changes with 0.37 Released
Working with new group of students on Documentation
Rhoann Solangon, Justin Conner and Rogelio Sabangan Jr.
Added a keymap selection process to boot up
and to Utility Menu
Default kernel now
syslinux 4.04 Released (2011/04/19)
busybox 1.18.4 as of 3/13/2011
added check for lzma in makecd scripts
change hdt to 0.5.0 Released
memtest upgraded to 4.20
kernel 2011/04/17
kernel 2011/03/31
kernel 2011/04/21
kernel 2.6.39-rc4 2011/04/19
kernel 2011/02/17
kernel 2011/03/27
kernel 2011/04/22
kernel 2011/04/22
updated ntfs-3g and libslang files plus other updates
upgraded testdisk to 6.12-WIP Mon Jan 31 07:40:40 CET 2011 with strip code
Added agetty to look at adding ability to work with system
with only vt10x terminal
test g4l30o10 script that moves option A,1,2,3 on Local menu to
separate menu to handle the mounting of Local, CIFS, SSHFS or NFS.
Change g4l script to g4l30o10
added v directory under terminfo in /usr/share/terminfo and /lib/terminfo
for vt100
Thanks to Thomas E. Dickey of ncurses and dialog for info.
vt100 problem solved by above.
added all subdirectories of the terminfo directories, in case other
terminals may need the code. It seems to be rather small in total size.
Probable the x subdirectory could be removed, since the is no x running
in the g4l cd.
Added note of using Space Bar to select on 5 error message lines that
didn't have it.
Added link of ftp to ncftp
Added speed and duplex info to nic device listing.
Removed Toggle from compress menu options.
updated sshfs to version 2.2
updated ntpclient to latest version
Modified Progress screen size and T: output to remove tabs
Added klogd -c 6 to elimanate some kernel pop up messages
modified ifcheck2.sh to show Speed and Duplex of connection
added option to utility menu to use ntpclient to set time
added option to utility menu to display dmesg information
added option to utility menu to run startftpd script that
runs ftpd via tcpsvd as anonymous user
tcpsvd -vE 21 ftpd -w -v / 2>/var/log/tcpsvd.log &
Note: if g4l script is exited it unloads ftpd.
added option to utility menu to start telnetd server
added cleandrive8.dialog to utility menu for zero-out process
added call to part_info script in A: option on Local menu
to redetect added or changed usb devices.
Added part_info to S: option to update partition info
after adding or deleting an usb device.
Added some help text to isolinux.cfg and syslinux.cfg
Change some color setting in the g4l30o10 script
Modified Utility Menu with Letter options
Moved US keyboards to front on bkey script.
Added Menu Letter options to Utilities Menu.
Added prompting for Disk to use for parted on Util Menu
Added a failsafe menu with all kernels having failsafe opts
instead of just listing 1 failsafe kernel.
Can return to regular menu from failsafe.
Added 10 second sleep after call to partimage programs.

Posted by Michael Setzer II 2011-05-28

g4l v0.30 released

Latest changes with 0.30
Converted from Fedora 8 to Fedora 10 libraries and programs
syslinux 3.80 (Bug Fixes) added syslinux hdt (Hardware Test) 0.33
Frank submitted updated g4l script that adds
udpcast options and make some menu functions.
Recompiled kernels bz25 - bz29.3 to include cifs
Adding CIFS (SAMBA) option to local menu
Added basic MBR backup to Network and Local Menu
Added MBR and EBR backup option.
Have started working with 3 students on a special project with
the main ideal of updating documentation to the current level
and develope a g4l-lite that includes only default kernel and
ramdisk.gz and tools to add g4l via grub4dos, grub, or syslinux.
Devin Madrangchar * Wenifred Fasong * Julie Fenom

Posted by Michael Setzer II 2009-05-18

g4l release 0.29

In trying to reduced the size of the kernels, I went thru the make menuconfig and removed various options that it listed as being best to say N if unsure. I tested the changes on the systems I have available and it appeared to save about 1/2MB of each kernel, but have had a few users that noted that usb keyboards don't work. Changing back to the earlier build base solves the problem, so the update is mainly just the kernel updates plus the other changes.

Latest changes with 0.29
Release syslinux 3.73
Kernels and above rebuilt
reduced size by about 1/2MB but usb keyboards stopped working.
Have started working with 3 students on a special project with
the main ideal of updating documentation to the current level
and develope a g4l-lite that includes only default kernel and
ramdisk.gz and tools to add g4l via grub4dos, grub, or syslinxu.
Devin Madrangchar
Wenifred Fasong
Julie Fenom

Posted by Michael Setzer II 2009-02-10

g4l-v0.28 released

Latest changes with 0.28a
busybox-1.13.2 - cleaned up applets
syslinux 3.73 pre 7
updated updcast
kernels up to
kernel 2.6.28
added chkldd to check libraries
moved programs to match with location on Fedora 8
changed back to use Fedora dd and gzip because of speed issues
Using grub4dos to run g4l from NTFS partitions.
Above link is a test file that contains the files necessary.
updated udpcast programs to 12/13/2008
added option to use run="command" from grub (added to g4lmenu)

Posted by Michael Setzer II 2009-01-07

g4l-v0.27 Released..

I was hoping to get some assistance in checking that the new features worked on hardware and setups other than the limited ones I have, but got no feedback from either sourceforge or freshmeat sites.

Latest changes with 0.27
Updated to latest programs from Fedora 8 for non-busybox program
and the latest necessary library files placed in exactly same locations
as they appear on Fedora 8 installation. Few unnecessary libraries found.
Changed ifcheck.sh script to ifcheck2.sh to use dialog instead of echo
for messages and added delay to give process time on slower machines.
Working on adding aespipe encryption option for encrypting ftp images
with gpg file and passphrase. (Network Menu)
Adding option to use sshfs to mount remote directory and save image via
ssh connection (Local menu).
getkey.sh - script to assist in getting key and passphrase from USB.
syslinux 3.72pre6

Posted by Michael Setzer II 2008-09-20

g4l: verison 0.26 released

G4L is a hard disk and partition imaging and cloning tool. The created images are optionally compressed and transferred to an FTP server instead of cloning locally.

Latest changes with 0.26
added mdev as hotplug program
updated ntfs-3g
kernel 25.9
busybox 1.11.0 with patches to 7/02/2008
g4l30 script that shows partition size and type
added sfdisk and fsck programs.
added ifcheck script by dan.s@hostdime.com to recognize
multiple eth devices and activate the first that gets a
link for systems where eth0 is not the default.
Updated syslinux from 3.55 to 3.63
kernel 25.10 (added last minute untested)

Posted by Michael Setzer II 2008-07-08

g4l v0.25 released

Latest changes with 0.25
Moved development system from Fedora 5 to 8
Updated busybox to 1.10.1 (with patches to May 2)
Added telnetd program
Newer kernels
fixed missing lib for name resolution
moved dd, gzip and gunzip to busybox becuase of problem with
gunzip restore with the gunzip from Fedora 8 version.
compiled jetcat-mod with latest new system.
add bs=1M to dd commands in local menu (fix over 100% problem)
added autostart telnetd if kernel parameter telnetd=yes
added timeout 30 option to startup messages
added g4lmenu to show options
cleaned /dev directory to just console and raid subdirectories
use busybox mdev to dynamically create /dev entries
Added File list to Option B: on local Copy like F: on Network
Added ntpclient for time (ntpclient -h ntphost -s )... read more

Posted by Michael Setzer II 2008-05-12

g4l version 0.24 released

This version has new kernels, and updates to the support programs. It also has the libraries updated to just the ones needed for the programs. Small modes to the scripts, and noapci was added to boot up to help with notebooks.

Posted by Michael Setzer II 2008-03-03

g4l version 0.23 released

The g4l 0.23 has been uploaded as both iso and tar.gz. It has newer kernels, syslinux, and other support programs. Biggest issue is the addition of ntfs-3g to allow writing of local images to ntfs partitions, and creating ntfsclone backups to local partitions.

Posted by Michael Setzer II 2007-08-18

g4l v0.22 new iso and devel kit

Uploaded the latest 0.22 version of the iso and the devel kit. Below is some of the updates added. I tried to get feedback on betas, but only had one reply. I hope the vesamenu works with all systems, but I had no problems.

Latest changes that might change operations.
Big changes in 0.22 version. Latest 2.6.20 and kernels plus latest 2.6 git build kernel that seem to support the SATA controllers. Updates on support programs and fix to bzip problem
with splitting. Added resize2fs to cd. Added all of the ntfsutil programs. Added new front end scripts to allow for different filenames and using userid and passwords. Also switched to using
syslinux vesamenu for kernel selection.... read more

Posted by Michael Setzer II 2007-02-22

V0.21 released

I've release version 0.21 with a few additions.
Added NTFSCLONE option as an user had requested. I have used it once with lzop compression, and was able to backup and restore to a ntfs partition with no problem.

Changed the default kernel to, since I discovered that the 2.6.16.x kernels have some issues. A couple of users had hardware that did not work with the 2.6.16.x kernels, and I recently did an image on my AMD64 system, and none of the 2.6.16.x kernels would see the SATA drive. Even rebult the lastest kernel with the starting config file of and make oldconfig to make sure it wasn't an option in the config that was causing the problem, but same result. ... read more

Posted by Michael Setzer II 2006-06-17


Added Name Resolution
Patch for SIS5513
Busybox 1.1.3
New kernels

Posted by Michael Setzer II 2006-05-22