G4L 0.37 and G4L documentation

Updated to G4L documentation from very old 0.16 to the 0.37 version.

This has been a long time..

The Latest in the g4l 0.37 update.

Latest changes with 0.37 Released
Working with new group of students on Documentation
Rhoann Solangon, Justin Conner and Rogelio Sabangan Jr.
Added a keymap selection process to boot up
and to Utility Menu
Default kernel now
syslinux 4.04 Released (2011/04/19)
busybox 1.18.4 as of 3/13/2011
added check for lzma in makecd scripts
change hdt to 0.5.0 Released
memtest upgraded to 4.20
kernel 2011/04/17
kernel 2011/03/31
kernel 2011/04/21
kernel 2.6.39-rc4 2011/04/19
kernel 2011/02/17
kernel 2011/03/27
kernel 2011/04/22
kernel 2011/04/22
updated ntfs-3g and libslang files plus other updates
upgraded testdisk to 6.12-WIP Mon Jan 31 07:40:40 CET 2011 with strip code
Added agetty to look at adding ability to work with system
with only vt10x terminal
test g4l30o10 script that moves option A,1,2,3 on Local menu to
separate menu to handle the mounting of Local, CIFS, SSHFS or NFS.
Change g4l script to g4l30o10
added v directory under terminfo in /usr/share/terminfo and /lib/terminfo
for vt100
Thanks to Thomas E. Dickey of ncurses and dialog for info.
vt100 problem solved by above.
added all subdirectories of the terminfo directories, in case other
terminals may need the code. It seems to be rather small in total size.
Probable the x subdirectory could be removed, since the is no x running
in the g4l cd.
Added note of using Space Bar to select on 5 error message lines that
didn't have it.
Added link of ftp to ncftp
Added speed and duplex info to nic device listing.
Removed Toggle from compress menu options.
updated sshfs to version 2.2
updated ntpclient to latest version
Modified Progress screen size and T: output to remove tabs
Added klogd -c 6 to elimanate some kernel pop up messages
modified ifcheck2.sh to show Speed and Duplex of connection
added option to utility menu to use ntpclient to set time
added option to utility menu to display dmesg information
added option to utility menu to run startftpd script that
runs ftpd via tcpsvd as anonymous user
tcpsvd -vE 21 ftpd -w -v / 2>/var/log/tcpsvd.log &
Note: if g4l script is exited it unloads ftpd.
added option to utility menu to start telnetd server
added cleandrive8.dialog to utility menu for zero-out process
added call to part_info script in A: option on Local menu
to redetect added or changed usb devices.
Added part_info to S: option to update partition info
after adding or deleting an usb device.
Added some help text to isolinux.cfg and syslinux.cfg
Change some color setting in the g4l30o10 script
Modified Utility Menu with Letter options
Moved US keyboards to front on bkey script.
Added Menu Letter options to Utilities Menu.
Added prompting for Disk to use for parted on Util Menu
Added a failsafe menu with all kernels having failsafe opts
instead of just listing 1 failsafe kernel.
Can return to regular menu from failsafe.
Added 10 second sleep after call to partimage programs.

Posted by Michael Setzer II 2011-05-28

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