g4l v0.25 released

Latest changes with 0.25
Moved development system from Fedora 5 to 8
Updated busybox to 1.10.1 (with patches to May 2)
Added telnetd program
Newer kernels
fixed missing lib for name resolution
moved dd, gzip and gunzip to busybox becuase of problem with
gunzip restore with the gunzip from Fedora 8 version.
compiled jetcat-mod with latest new system.
add bs=1M to dd commands in local menu (fix over 100% problem)
added autostart telnetd if kernel parameter telnetd=yes
added timeout 30 option to startup messages
added g4lmenu to show options
cleaned /dev directory to just console and raid subdirectories
use busybox mdev to dynamically create /dev entries
Added File list to Option B: on local Copy like F: on Network
Added ntpclient for time (ntpclient -h ntphost -s )

Posted by Michael Setzer II 2008-05-12

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