Two ideals on this.
1. You can use udpcast option to transfer the disk, and it will include the MBR and the partitions at one time. Pro of this is single option. Con is slower.
2. It would require two steps since ntfsclone can only do ntfs partitions, and not mbr or other types of partitions. So, one would have restore the mbr/mbr on each machine first, and then do the udpcast.

One could create a front end script that would include the mbr restore process, and then run the udp-reciever option with the piping to the ntfsclone option.

With my labs it takes about 40 minutes to do an udpcast restore of the disk image, and an ntfsclone restore of the ntfs partition takes about 10 minutes? So, it might save a little time, but would be a much more complex process.

I beleive there is a message in one of the forums either here or on freshmeat where a user did come up with the commands to do an udpcast | ntfsclone restore of the ntfs partition.