System to System without FTP

  • hipsterdoofus

    hipsterdoofus - 2012-06-14

    If I wanted to just purely copy a drive from one system to another with no
    ftp, I guess my option there is multicasting? I didn't know if there was any
    other option or way to do it as a 1 to 1 thing.

  • Michael Setzer II

    The udpcast would actually do it, but note if there is only 1 receiver it
    actually does a unicast.

    You could also put the disk in the same machine, and use the clone option to
    make a copy of the disk.

    Then put it in the other machine.

  • hipsterdoofus

    hipsterdoofus - 2012-06-15

    Well, its a laptop, so I don't really want to mess with the hard drives. Would
    prefer a way with like a crossover cable or a little switch just to do it
    directly. So I guess with the udpcast, just do it as normal? I'm trying to
    figure out the quickest way to do it.

  • Michael Setzer II

    The udpcast would be the easiest, since it would be an one step process to
    copy the whole disk.

    Depending on the OS on the system, a much faster method might be to use an usb
    external hard disk.

    I'm visiting my mom in Nevada for the Summer, and she has a SX2800-01 gateway
    mini system and its 640GB hard

    disk was reporting a couple of I/O errors (2 years old). So I bought a new 1TB
    disk. Since it has Windows Vista on it,

    I did a MBR backup, then backed up the restore partition and then the C
    partition to an usb 400GB disk I had setup for g4l backups. Then swapped the
    disks, and did a restore of the mbr and the two partitions, and it took much
    less time then doing a disk clone, since ntfsclone backups only used data.

    The other advantage is that you have a backup to another device if something
    fails or gets corrupted.

  • hipsterdoofus

    hipsterdoofus - 2012-06-15

    You have a point there - I think these laptops have esata ports on them, so if
    I had a drive that would be pretty quick I imagine.

  • Michael Setzer II

    USB 2 is good for external disks, but about 1/2 the speed of the same drive
    connected with the native connection. Haven't had the opportunity to use and
    esata connection. Mom's machine had one, but system only had two internal
    power connectors.


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