some qusteions about restore, usb speed

  • Cliper

    Cliper - 2010-11-18


    using version 0.35 i backed up my mini laptop Atom N280 160 GB drive with usb
    external 500 GB drive.

    1. the speed was about 12-13 mb/sec . is that normal speed for usb 2.0 , or i should expect more speed from my mini laptop ?
    2. after the backup i tried to restore one of my partitons ( windows xp ntfs) 40 GB . the restore took 1 second , reached 100 % and thats it. is that normal behavor ? ( i used RAW mode) or the restore acctuly didnt take place ?
    3. the spliting image size is set to 1 GB , it would be nice if i had control over it , say i could choose cd size , dvd (one side)size and dvd (2 sides) size.
    4. after the back up , i can see the image files inside windows . is there a FILE EXPLORER option if i want to restore a specific file/folder from the image ?( do u plan to implement such a function in the near future ?)

    thank you

  • Michael Setzer II

    1. The speed is linked to the speed of the external disk via the USB, which varies greatly. First, this isn't the cache speed of the disk since the buffer is quickly filled, and it is doing physical writes to the disk. The command hdparm -tT /dev/sdX will give the actual speeds that disk can handle. I've had disks that give me a 45MB/sec speed internel, but the same disk in an USB enclosure gave 22MB/sec.

    2. That does not sound right. The restore time is usually faster than backup, but usually about 80%.
      If the USB device is formatted as ntfs or ext2/ext3/ext4 the split option
      isn't required. The NTFSclone option can backup faster than raw, and it only
      backs up the used data, so image is generally much smaller.

    3. The split size is based on use of FAT32, which does support up to 2MB, but had some uses that had it fail using the max value, but the 1MB worked. The script doesn't currently have an option to change the size, but nano could be used to edit the file.

    4. The G4L does a raw bit level of the disk, so file extraction is not an option. It is an image backup of disk and partitions.
      I have taken an ntfsclone image, and uncompressed the image, and set it up as
      a loop back mount, to extract specific files. But that requires a file to be
      the size of the original disk or partition.


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