Multicast - can't set reciever options

  • Anonymous - 2012-01-20

    I have 3 identical machines I need to clone. I normally just do this one by
    one - but 3 have come up that can be done at the same time.

    A job for 'multicast' I think.

    Only my LAN has two subnets and the PCs could (and are) on different subnets.

    On the udp-sender I have the option to add extra arguments so I had '--ttl 2'
    and it then uses a multicast group addrss for rendezvous.

    Unfortunatly the udp-reciever script doesn't stop to ask for options, and
    fires using the local subnet broadcast address for rendezvous which isn't
    going to work seing as the machines are on different subnets.

    I guess this a feature request. Also ask for additional options for udp-

  • Michael Setzer II

    A couple of quesitons and information on udpcast working.

    The udpcast takes the IP address of the machine and converts it to a multi-
    cast one.


    If a computer has an IP address of then it uses the multicast
    address of for that machine, so if machines are on different
    subnets they will have different multcast nets. As I understand it, but not an
    expert on muti-cast with different subnets.

    Are the machines on differenct subnets on the same physical lan or what is the

    If they are on the same physical network, one could always manually setup an
    ipaddress that is on the same subnet.

    Recent versions of 0.40 have added the option to setup a vlan that might do
    the trick, but have not used it in that way.

    One final thing. udpcast will use unicast if only 2 machines are in the
    connection. You can not press enter on the sender of reciever or it start and
    other connect.

    I also generally setup all the recieve machines, and then do the send after
    and wait for it to see all the others before entering.

  • Michael Setzer II

    I created a modified version of the script to add option to the udp-receiver

    but it is script ./g4l30o12 that has the code, not the default since I have
    not tested it.

    In a quick look at the udpcast site, it does mention that the --ttl option is
    untested since he doesn't have a multi-cast router?

    There seem to be other options that might be required if the systems are on
    the same physical network to set the IP to the same regular block, and thus
    same mult-cast block, or to force the multi-cast block.


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