Have done 24 alpha's so far. Much of it was about a users request to have a method of disabling the automatic dhcp setup for the nic. He had a setup that didn't use dhcp, which I had not really considered, but then have some systems that I have I don't control the dhcp server. So, being able to disable it, or have a way to set a fixed IP address. Adding to the kernel line nodhcp will have it not call the script to pre setup dhcp, and nodhcp=ipaddress will set the nic to the ipaddress, but currently only does eth0.

A number of minor changes in the syslinux.cfg and isolinux.cfg as I've been doing some testing with syslinux 5.00, and the changes were recommended from there list, and improve things, but there are some issues with the just released 5.00, so still using 4.06.

Here are the changes that have been done in 0.44 from 0.43 release over 24 alphas.



Released 0.44 2012/12/10
Updated support programs and libs
added nodhcp option to kernel line to skip dhcpd check
modified g4l30o11 main script to left $4 set fixed ip
in addition to using dhcpd.
Further modified rcS script to set fixed ip address via
/sbin/ifconfig eth0 cat /proc/cmdline | sed -e 's/ /\n/g' | grep nodhcp | cut -f2 -d\= up
Currently hard coded for eth0..
kernel 3.7-rc7 2012/11/26 (bz3x7.rc7)
kernel 3.0.53 2012/11/26 (bz3x0.53)
kernel 3.4.20 2012/11/26 (bz3x4.20)
kernel 3.6.8 2012/11/26 (bz3x6.8)
kernel 3.6.8 now default kernel
more library and support program updates
update ntfsprogs programs to 2012.1.15
updated testdisk programs to use new ntfs lib files
kernel 3.7-rc8 2012/12/03 (bz3x7.rc8)
kernel 3.0.54 2012/12/03 (bz3x0.54)
kernel 3.4.21 2012/12/03 (bz3x4.21)
kernel 3.6.9 2012/12/03 (bz3x6.9)
kernel 3.6.9 now default kernel
All of the 2012/12/03 kernels have the bnx2x firmware added
for the firmware identified. Have a system to add it to each
new kernel build.
Update cgdisk, gdisk, and sgdisk to version 0.8.5
kernel 3.0.55 2012/12/06 (bz3x0.55)
kernel 3.2.35 2012/12/06 (bz3x2.35)
kernel 3.4.22 2012/12/06 (bz3x4.22)
kernel 3.0.56 2012/12/10 (bz3x0.56)
kernel 3.4.23 2012/12/10 (bz3x4.23)
kernel 3.6.10 2012/12/10 (bz3x6.10)
kernel 3.6.10 now default kernel
updated sshfs
kernel 3.7 2012/12/11 (bz3x7)
recompiled udpcast programs
updated pci.ids file
nodhcp=ipaddress on kernel line with set ip address