has a number of updates that on the ftp site, but not yet on the
web page.

I've added the what appears to be the released 3.1 kernel as an option kernel.

Latest changes with 0.39

kernel 2011/08/29

kernel 2011/08/29

kernel 3.0.4 released 2011/08/29 (bz3x0.4)

default kernel 3.0.4

busybox 1.19.2 2011/09/06 plus patched to 9/16

Added X: reboot/poweroff option to clicknclone menu

added function f_partdiskinfo() to display extra disk info

to hopefully make sure correct disk/partition is selected.

Currently just used on Clone selection, but could be added

to other locations where disk/partitions are selected?

added mkfs.hfsplus and fsck.hfsplus

updated testdisk-6.13-WIP as of 10/22/2011

kernel 3.1 released 2011/10/25 (bz3.1)

Note: Above kernel along with 3.05,3.06,3.07 and 3.08

were added to the ftp directory, but not showing

on the web page yet. I just added the 3.1 that seems to be

a full released version, and have compiled the 3.08, but didn't

add it image or test it yet.