Decompress lzo image file

  • christoph

    christoph - 2011-01-12


    Howto extract lzo image file creating using G4L?

  • Michael Setzer II

    To uncompress an lzop image file,

    lzop -d image.lzo

    Note: This file will then be the size of the original partition including all
    the unused space.

    If you are looking at getting a file from the image, you would need to then
    mount the uncompressed partition as a loop mount.

    I believe the command is

    mount -o loop image /mnt/local

    The mounting point can be whatever you use.

    G4L is generally an image backup of disk or partitions, so they are backed up
    and restored as partitions.

    I have done this a few times, but it requires a disk of greater size to be
    able to see the image files.

    I have only done this with a partition image. If the image is of a disk, I'm
    not sure on the process to mount a disk image file, since it starts with the
    mbr and partition table?

  • christoph

    christoph - 2011-01-16

    My problem is I have only whole disk images, including mbr and partition

    Anyway I'll try.

  • Michael Setzer II

    There might be a way to mount the uncompressed disk image, but it would
    generally be much easier to just restore it to another disk of the same size
    or larger, and then open the partitions and retrieve the files.

    G4L is an image backup program versus a file backup program, so it doesn't
    focus on getting individual files. I am currently working on adding fsarchiver
    as an option on the local menu, but even it backs up all files, but it does
    only backup files similar to ntfsclone backup of ntfs partitions.

    I've though of just adding an option to make a compressed tar backup of files
    on a partition, but haven't done anything on that option. It would only be the
    file data, and all extra filesystem attributes would probable not be included
    or at least limited.

    Thanks for the info, and if you do figure things out.


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