Have been trying to implement the complete firmware option, but have not been able to get it work with the current build system. The manual process thou is very simple to add firmware that is not included in the kernel if identified by modifying the firmware/Makefile and placing the firmware in the directory or sub-directory.

Am thinking of adding a quick scan of dmesg to perhaps note missing firmware, so it can be added.
dmesg | grep -i -e failed -e error
This currently shows two lines with my systems that don't have missing firmware, but would have included the lines from the bnx2x firmware that I got from a user. Perhaps have it show any lines other the the two that show, if they exists, and prompt users to contact me.


Updates of the firmware are in the latest bz3x6.6 and bz3x6.7 kernels.



Latest changes with 0.43 2012/11/17
Updated kernels 3.4.6 and 3.5.0 to add EFI Partition option
kernel 3.4.7 2012/07/29 (bz3x4.7)
kernel 3.4.7 now default kernel
removed kernel
kernel 3.0.39 2012/08/01 (bz3x0.39)
kernel 3.2.25 released 2012/08/02 (bz3x2.25)
kernel 3.6-rc1 2012/08/02 (bz3x6.rc1)
kernel 3.2.26 released 2012/08/04 (bz3x2.26)
Updated support programs and files
kernel 3.4.8 2012/08/09 (bz3x4.8)
kernel 3.0.40 2012/08/09 (bz3x0.40)
kernel 3.5.1 2012/08/09 (bz3x5.1)
kernel 3.5.1 now default kernel
kernel 3.2.27 released 2012/08/09 (bz3x2.27)
Updated libraries
kernel 3.4.9 2012/08/15 (bz3x4.9)
kernel 3.0.41 2012/08/15 (bz3x0.41)
kernel 3.5.2 2012/08/15 (bz3x5.2)
kernel 3.5.2 now default kernel
kernel 3.6-rc2 2012/08/16 (bz3x6.rc2)
kernel 3.2.28 released 2012/08/19 (bz3x2.28)
busybox patch
ddrescue update
kernel 3.6-rc3 2012/08/22 (bz3x6.rc3)
kernel 3.5.3 2012/08/26 (bz3x5.3)
kernel 3.5.3 now default kernel
kernel 3.4.10 2012/08/26 (bz3x4.10)
kernel 3.0.42 2012/08/26 (bz3x0.42)
kernel 3.6-rc4 2012/09/01 (bz3x6.rc4)
new build of busybox to reduce size by 20%
updated lib and support programs from Fedora 16
kernel 3.6-rc5 2012/09/08 (bz3x6.rc5)
hdt to 0.5.2 Released 2012/09/10
kernel 3.2.29 released 2012/09/12 (bz3x2.29)
updated testdisk-6.14-WIP as of 2012/09/12
kernel 3.4.11 2012/09/14 (bz3x4.11)
kernel 3.0.43 2012/09/14 (bz3x0.43)
kernel 3.5.4 2012/09/14 (bz3x5.4)
kernel 3.5.4 now default kernel
fsarchiver_dialog script added, but not tested completely.
kernel 3.6-rc6 2012/09/16 (bz3x6.rc6)
kernel 3.2.30 released 2012/09/19 (bz3x2.30)
kernel 3.6-rc7 2012/09/24 (bz3x6.rc7)
kernel 3.6.0 2012/09/30 (bz3x6.0)
kernel 3.4.12 2012/10/02 (bz3x4.12)
kernel 3.0.44 2012/10/02 (bz3x0.44)
kernel 3.5.5 2012/10/02 (bz3x5.5)
kernel 3.5.5 now default kernel
kernel 3.0.45 2012/10/07 (bz3x0.45)
kernel 3.4.13 2012/10/07 (bz3x4.13)
kernel 3.5.6 2012/10/07 (bz3x5.6)
kernel 3.6.1 2012/10/07 (bz3x6.1)
kernel 3.6.1 now default kernel
kernel 3.2.31 released 2012/10/10 (bz3x2.31)
kernel 3.0.46 2012/10/12 (bz3x0.46)
kernel 3.4.14 2012/10/12 (bz3x4.14)
kernel 3.5.7 2012/10/12 (bz3x5.7)
kernel 3.6.2 2012/10/12 (bz3x6.2)
kernel 3.6.2 now default kernel
kernel 3.7-rc1 2012/10/14 (bz3x7.rc1)
Kernel Removed to make room
Update f3read and f3write to 2.1-2
kernel 3.2.32 released 2012/10/17 (bz3x2.32)
updated testdisk-6.14-WIP as of 2012/10/20 (Sept Build)
kernel 3.7-rc2 2012/10/20 (bz3x7.rc2)
kernel 3.0.47 2012/10/21 (bz3x0.47)
kernel 3.4.15 2012/10/21 (bz3x4.15)
kernel 3.6.3 2012/10/21 (bz3x6.3)
kernel 3.6.3 now default kernel
kernel 3.0.48 2012/10/22 (bz3x0.48)
syslinux upgraded to 4.0.6
kernel 3.7-rc3 2012/10/28 (bz3x7.rc3)
kernel 3.0.49 2012/10/28 (bz3x0.49)
kernel 3.4.16 2012/10/28 (bz3x4.16)
kernel 3.6.4 2012/10/28 (bz3x6.4)
kernel 3.6.4 now default kernel
modified g4l script to add file name option
to the local menu for split files to make
selection easier.
Adds line without .00
< extx=echo ${i##*.}
< if [ "$extx" = "00" ] ; then
< ii=${i%.*}
< filelist="$filelist echo $ii file off"
< fi
kernel 3.2.33 released 2012/10/30 (bz3x2.33)
kernel 3.0.50 2012/10/31 (bz3x0.50)
kernel 3.4.17 2012/10/31 (bz3x4.17)
kernel 3.6.5 2012/10/31 (bz3x6.5)
kernel 3.6.5 now default kernel
Adding /lib/firmware directory to add support for those
requiring it.
git clone http://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/dwmw2/linux-firmware.git
to get the latest files. Earlier test used Fedora17 /lib/firmware directory.
Probable some files that would not be necessary, but don't know.
Do remove the .git directory from the download.
This required increasing the size of the ramdisk from 64M to 128M, and the number
of inodes in the makecdrm script.
kernel 3.7-rc4 2012/11/04 (bz3x7.rc4)
kernel 3.0.51 2012/11/05 (bz3x0.51)
kernel 3.4.18 2012/11/05 (bz3x4.18)
kernel 3.6.6 2012/11/05 (bz3x6.6)
kernel 3.6.6 now default kernel
The 2012/11/05 kernels have a firmware option turned off to not include
in kernel firmware to hopefully resolve an issue with the new /lib/firmware






kernel 3.7-rc5 2012/11/11 (bz3x7.rc5)
Remove the /lib/firmware since it didn't work, and could not get any real
support on how to make it work from kernel list.
So, it does the the bnx2x firmware that was the exact issue added manually
to the kernel build rather than having all firmware loaded via /lib/firmware.
It appears this was an ideal, but it seems that it has been Orphaned.
kernel 3.2.34 released 2012/11/16 (bz3x2.34)
kernel 3.7-rc6 2012/11/17 (bz3x7.rc6)
kernel 3.0.52 2012/11/17 (bz3x0.52)
kernel 3.4.19 2012/11/17 (bz3x4.19)
kernel 3.6.7 2012/11/17 (bz3x6.7)
kernel 3.6.7 now default kernel
Now have to copy previous .config files, and modify firmware/Makefile
and add additional firmware file to build kernels.
If anyone has other firmware that needs to be added, please let me know.