Alpha 26 had addition of kernel 3.1.2 and changed to default.

Alpha 27 added some utilities that might be useful, but need some testing.

f3write and f3read to write files and then read them on flash devices to test
for defects.

ms-sys (create boot sector for older windows systems)

Latest changes with 0.39

kernel 2011/08/29

kernel 2011/08/29

kernel 3.0.4 released 2011/08/29 (bz3x0.4)

default kernel 3.0.4

Added X: reboot/poweroff option to clicknclone menu

added function f_partdiskinfo() to display extra disk info

to hopefully make sure correct disk/partition is selected.

Currently just used on Clone selection, but could be added

to other locations where disk/partitions are selected?

added mkfs.hfsplus and fsck.hfsplus

updated testdisk-6.13-WIP as of 10/22/2011

kernel 3.1 released 2011/10/25 (bz3.1)

Note: Above kernel along with 3.05,3.06,3.07 and 3.08

were added to the ftp directory, but not showing

on the web page yet. I just added the 3.1 that seems to be

a full released version, and have compiled the 3.08, but didn't

add it image or test it yet.

busybox 1.19.3 2011/10/29

changed part_info2 code to get 15 characters possible for device.

added code to not call part_info2 function if /dev/cciss device

is available since fsarchiver probe has an issue in reporting

that needs to be studied further.

Added -e 's-!-/-g' to change cciss!c0d0p0 to cciss/c0d0p0 and others

in part_info2.

Added fsarchiver probe -v and added the uuid to the listing

Added code to add disk serial number for disk if reported by hdparm

FIXED an error in main script. Missing % that caused partonly to fail...

Removed kernel to make room

Removed kernel to make room

kernel 3.0.9 Added 2011/11/11

kernel 3.1.1 Added 2011/11/11

Default kernel changed to 3.1.1

testdisk 6.13 released 2011/11/15

kernel 3.2-rc2 Added 2011/11/15

kernel 3.1.2 Added 2011/11/21

Default kernel changed to 3.1.2

From comment to finnix list, not sure if these will

be useful, but doing some testing.

Added f3read and f3write (flash testing program)

Added ms-sys (program to create ms boot records)