Busybox updated to 1.19.3

Latest changes with 0.39

kernel 2011/08/29

kernel 2011/08/29

kernel 3.0.4 released 2011/08/29 (bz3x0.4)

default kernel 3.0.4

Added X: reboot/poweroff option to clicknclone menu

added function f_partdiskinfo() to display extra disk info

to hopefully make sure correct disk/partition is selected.

Currently just used on Clone selection, but could be added

to other locations where disk/partitions are selected?

added mkfs.hfsplus and fsck.hfsplus

updated testdisk-6.13-WIP as of 10/22/2011

kernel 3.1 released 2011/10/25 (bz3.1)

Note: Above kernel along with 3.05,3.06,3.07 and 3.08

were added to the kernel.org ftp directory, but not showing

on the web page yet. I just added the 3.1 that seems to be

a full released version, and have compiled the 3.08, but didn't

add it image or test it yet.

busybox 1.19.3 2011/10/29