Update 10/09/00

More status

To Do:

Output code to handle menu/toolbar creation.
Finished toolbar creation/subwidgets. Still need to handle menus.

Output code to handle properties not wrapped by GtkArgs.
Lost more handles, but still In progress.

Output main.c
Not started.

Output supporting makefiles (may just copy code from glade)
I have to go grab that New Riders book on Automake/Autoconf/Libtool. Should be in stores this week. This could be the first interesting book released since Havoc's book earlier this year.

Output widget creation lines.
More special handlers added. Sometime I need to create a monster test program that uses every conceivable widget, then note which widgets aren't handled correctly using defaults.

I fixed a really nasty bug with the gtk arg code. I hate pointers. Java looks better every day :)

I have a nice framework that should easily accomodate just about every kind of widget, even ones I don't know about. As long as the widget programmer follows a few standards, and makes all properties settable as args, I'm good to go. I'm not going to even think about supporting bonobo widgets until I get the Gnome code working, which is so different from the gtk+ code that it practically warrants a separate program. No kidding.

Posted by John Margaglione 2000-10-10

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