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Graphing g1u3 In Memory

I just added code to testcloud.exe that generates files for Graphviz. I'm thinking I'll keep interesting graphs here (http://g1u3.wiki.sourceforge.net/GraphsOfg1u3InMemory) as development moves forward.

Here's a direct link to the 1st graph:

Posted by mi1o 2008-06-09

Added Leak Detection

Added leak detection & fixed leaks.

Posted by mi1o 2008-02-16

Structured Data Types Now Possible

I added a num_fields member to the DataType struct so that we can support structured data types. See http://g1u3.wiki.sourceforge.net/space/showimage/g1u3.cloud-2.pdf
for a diagram.

Posted by mi1o 2007-12-09

Prototype is in SVN

I checked the prototype into SVN. It's using cmake now. It builds and runs for me on windows XP SP2 (MsDev 2005) and for Staszak on a OS X (cmd line, gcc v 4.0.0).

BTW, cmake complains for me when it does it's thing. I'll try to stop it from doing that.

Posted by mi1o 2007-09-22