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G15Daemon Released

This release fixes random screen corruption with some clients, and adds the ability to control how G15Daemon sets the LCD backlight via cmdline option.

Posted by Mike Lampard 2008-02-09

G15Daemon Released

G15Daemon fixes bugs in the client API as used by G15Composer. Users of G15Composer are recommended to upgrade to this version of G15Daemon, and version 3.2 of G15Composer.

Posted by Mike Lampard 2008-01-26

G15Daemon Released

This is a bugfix release. Some g15composer scripts exposed a problem in the display code where occasionally screens were not being updated correctly. This problem affected at least 1.9.3+, possibly 1.2 series is also affected. All users of g15composer and g15daemon-1.9x are advised to upgrade.

- BugFix: If lcd refresh is requested whilst processing, refreshes were missed.
- Optimisation: The delay between screen updates is no longer required. remove.

Posted by Mike Lampard 2008-01-24

G15Daemon 1.9.5 Released

This release adds a few debugging aids, a screendump feature, and a bugfix or two. It adds a function to the client API, which is used by G15Macro 1.0.3+ (if compiled with this version).

- Add example udev helper scripts to contrib directory.
- API: Add NEVER_SELECT cmd to client API to enforce non-display on client-switch. Used by G15Macro if available.
- Debug: Add segfault handler to libg15daemon_client to aid debugging clients.
- Feature: Add screendump ability. Pressing M1+M3 simultaneously will write a pbm format image of the currently displayed screen to /tmp/g15daemon-sc-?.pbm, where ? is an incremental number.
- BugFix: Only wakeup display thread if LCD buffer is visible.
- Packaging: Fix debian packaging to include plugins.

Posted by Mike Lampard 2008-01-24

G15Macro 1.0.3 Released

Version 1.0.3 fixes some build issues, and adds a feature or two.


- Switch to a textual configuration file. Auto-converts to new format from binary
config if it exists. Only Semi-readable, but better than a binary dump.
- Ensure each keypress is received by X11 in sequence.
- Add mutexes where appropriate.
- Apply patch from 'schitso' that fixes cancellation of an in-progress recording via
any of the M keys, and moves repeated code into their own functions.
- Add --help, --keysonly cmdline options. --keysonly configures keymaps
(including multimedia keys) then exits.

Posted by Mike Lampard 2008-01-23

G15Stats 1.0 Released

This is the first release of G15Stats, a
CPU/Mem/Swap/Network monitoring client for G15Daemon.

CPU Screen displays graphs of User/System/Nice and Idle
time, along with Load AVG and Uptime.

Memory Screen displays Memory Total & Free, and graph of
Used vs Buffered+Cached Memory.

Swap Screen displays Used, Free and Total swap space.

Network Screen displays Total bytes In/Out, history graph,
Peak speed.

Posted by Mike Lampard 2008-01-20

G15Daemon 1.9.4 Released

This release contains numerous bugfixes, a few speedups, and portability improvements. Users of G15Daemon WIP (1.9x) are recommended to upgrade.
See the ChangeLog for details.

Posted by Mike Lampard 2008-01-05

G15Daemon 1.9.3 Released

Major Bugfix release. 1.9.2 had a bug that stopped keypresses from being read correctly on some machines. Everyone who installed 1.9.2 should upgrade.

Posted by Mike Lampard 2007-12-27

G15Macro 1.0.2 Released

G15Macro 1.0.2 features enhanced debugging and the ability to dump macros to stdout in an almost human-readable format.

- Add --dump (-d) option to dump recorded macros in human-readable format
- Add --version (-v)
- Add --debug (-g) to add some debugging

If you are experiencing problems with G15Macro, please upgrade to this release. The additional debugging options will greatly assist in resolving issues.

Posted by Mike Lampard 2007-12-27

G15daemon WIP 1.9.2 released

A new Bugfix release. Changes from 1.9.1 include:

- Add exitfunc to net plugin for exit notification.
- Use pause() instead of sleeping
- Add NAME section to g15daemon_client manpages
- Tweak delay between successive keyboard reads. This reduces cpu load by 50% on my system.
- Bugfix: Ensure that all plugin exit functions are called on leaving.
- Bugfix: if keypress event is received (very early in the startup process,
the daemon would crash. Check that expected pointers are valid.
- Bugfix: Dont attempt compilation of uinput plugin if headers are
- Bugfix: Write a blank buffer to the LCD before exiting.

Posted by Mike Lampard 2007-12-23

G15Macro 1.0.1 Released

Finally, a new bugfix release of G15Macro :)

Changes include:
- disable XTest extension by default, run configure with --enable-xtest to
enable. The default is now to use XSendEvent.
- Improve reliability - the lockups occasionally seen in version 1.0 should be resolved.
- fix processing of key-up events.
- ensure safe exit on receipt of signal
- Fix XTest event output
- Fix order of events, release was being sent before press in some cases.
- increase max number of key up/down events recorded to 1024

Posted by Mike Lampard 2007-12-23

G15daemon 1.2.7 for Mac OS X Leopard Released

g15daemon for Mac OS X Leopard
binary package released.
Ver. 1.2.7

Posted by Antonio Bartolini 2007-12-06

G15Daemon 1.9.1 Released

After several long months in "stasis" G15Daemon "Work In Progress" now has a new release, with several bugfixes, security enhancements, and Mac-OSX support!
Changelog is as follows:
- Plugins are now installed in ${PREFIX}/{${LIBDIR}/g15daemon/${VERSION}/plugins
- OS-X support thanks to Fabrizio Sestito.
- Bugfix: libg15daemon_client: keypresses were being corrupted.
- Bugfix: libg15daemon_client: use g15_recv rather than recv.
- Bugfix: use default scheduling for all threads.
- Optimisation: minor optimisation of lcd_cycle() code.
- Security: repair some potential security holes.
- Bugfix: Backlight status was being mis-applied when cycling screens.
- Bugfix: Language bindings were not being distributed.

Posted by Mike Lampard 2007-11-30

G15daemon Updates

Now Available:
G15daemon 1.2.7 - improved debug support
G15daemon 1.9.0 - The "Work-In-Progress" codebase now has a release. While not yet finished, it has many improvements in a number of areas, and many of the clients require it.
G15mpd 1.0 - A simple "Music Player Daemon" frontend for the G15
G15message 1.0 - An 'xmessage' work-a-like for the G15 LCD
G15Macro 1.0 - A simple macro recording/playback applet for G15daemon WIP. As well as macro recording and playback, it also enables 3 separate key 'palettes' for hotkeys, selectable via the M1-3 keys.
G15_XMMS 2.0 - A much improved xmms plugin, enabling visualisations and info on the LCD, along with use of the media keys.
G15 Audacious 1.0 - An Audacious version of the xmms plugin.... read more

Posted by Mike Lampard 2007-02-11

G15Daemon 1.2.5 Released

This release contains numerous bugfixes, major documentation updates, clientlib API updates, and makefile and packaging updates. Yes, it's been a busy week since the last release! Please read the ChangeLog for details.

Posted by Mike Lampard 2006-11-04

G15Daemon 1.2.4 Released

minor feature update - users are now able to choose L1 as the client-screen switch, rather than MR. Adding -s to the g15daemon commandline enables this option.

Posted by Mike Lampard 2006-11-01

G15Daemon 1.2.3 Released

This minor update includes the latest revision of the xmodmap keymap, making it identical in function to the xkb version.

Posted by Mike Lampard 2006-10-30

G15Daemon 1.2.2 released.

After much delay (sorry folks), this minor release includes vastly improved key latency and some documentation updates. Users are also encouraged to update to libg15-1.0.1, which attempts to resolve some bus contention issues some people have seen.

Posted by Mike Lampard 2006-10-30

G15Daemon 1.2.1 released

This is a bugfix release. It primarily fixes a bug which could cause client screens to be lost under certain circumstances.
Users of previous releases are recommended to upgrade.

Posted by Mike Lampard 2006-08-06

Version 1.2 released

A huge number of changes, and bugfixes in this release. Lower memory usage, ability for clients to receive keystrokes, check the Changelog for the full list.

Posted by Mike Lampard 2006-08-01

Version 1.1.02 released

Fixes automake build issues. Apologies to those who downloaded 1.1 and found they couldnt compile it.

Posted by Mike Lampard 2006-07-22

Version 1.1 Released

Version 1.1 adds WBMP buffer support, Perl Bindings for the client library, compatibility with libGD in perl (using the wbmp image conversion routines in libgd) and misc. bugfixes.
small example scripts showing the new features are available in the contrib subdirectory, and the perl bindings are in the lang-bindings subdirectory.

Posted by Mike Lampard 2006-07-21

G15Daemon Version 1.0 released

Version 1.0 of the G15daemon is now available from the downloads area, or via SVN.

Posted by Mike Lampard 2006-07-15