Need help, to follow video, step-by-step

  • RonCam

    RonCam - 2012-07-19

    So that I may follow the video, step-by-step, please clarify the first step: you click on the Print icon, and then for a fraction of a second I see Print to File but this screen immediately disappears.  Please tell us what is happening here, to make that disappear.  The action is so rapid I cannot see the cursor moving.  Did you hit some key, or do something else?

    When I click the icon in the same location, in LibreOffice Write, the printer immediately begins to print.  I was hoping to use your printer utility in LibreOffice, the reason for the question.

  • Rick Richardson

    Rick Richardson - 2012-07-19

    2) Print -> GnomeManualDuplex (Virtual Printer) -> Print

    Always select "GnomeManualDuplex (Virtual Printer)" for the first step.

  • RonCam

    RonCam - 2012-07-20

    The one (and only) entry in the printer selection area reads 'Deskjet 3050A j611a'.

    I don't see 'GnomeManualDuplex (Virtual Printer) listed there.

    The GnomeManualDuplex .deb was installed with GDebi. 

    There is now an entry in the Applications menu ->  System Tools -> GnomeManualDuplex, and tihis appears to be functional. 

    My guess: cups has failed to pick up GnomeManualDuplex (Virtual Printer)?   

    What should do, or haven't I done, to make it visible there? 
    System Info:
    LinuxMint 12, and Gnome2 (traditional) Desktop is running.

    Thanks very much for the quick reply, and also for sharing a one-of-a-kind utility.

  • Rick Richardson

    Rick Richardson - 2012-07-20

    Did you do (Gnome 2):

    Add to Panel -> Gnome Manual Duplex applet -> Add

    OR (Gnome 3)

    $ gnome-session-properties
    Startup Programs -> GnomeManualDuplex -> Enable


  • RonCam

    RonCam - 2012-07-20

    Thanks for your patience!  I am new to the Gnome Desktop but a bit of Googling showed me what I needed to open the Add to Panel context menu is <SuperKey><Alt><R-click>,  and not just <R-click>. 

    When it's clicked, the new panel icon appears functionally equlvalent to the Applications Menu entry that the installation provided -  so may I then remove the GnomeManual Duplex entry, under System Tools?  Or, do I need it for proper operation of your utility?

    As soon as I added GnomeManualDuplex as a panel applet, it appeared as an entry on the Print menu (File -> Print -> General Tab) in LibreOffice Write. 

    Thanks again!

  • RonCam

    RonCam - 2012-07-20

    Great, it works!

    One question:  I see it makes a transitional postscript file.  Does the user have to find this file and remove it (to keep things tidy!) or does the applet automatically delete it, as the print job completes?

  • Rick Richardson

    Rick Richardson - 2012-07-20

    Read the source!

  • RonCam

    RonCam - 2012-07-20

    The first test with a printout of this thread, through Firefox, worked fine. 

    Now, I'm checking operation with LibreOffice Writer and must be doing something wrong - instead of printing the page, the printer appears to be receiving only a page feed command (10H), and so a blank sheet of paper shoots out of it. 

    Probably best to go back and review the steps in your video demo … unless you say, this can only be caused by one thing, and you know what that is …

  • RonCam

    RonCam - 2012-07-20

    Great! Both sides are printing, from a test document in LibreOffice.  I watched the video and made sure I did the same.

  • RonCam

    RonCam - 2012-07-20

    I need help with a problem I'm seeing on the first line on the top of the _second_ sheet.  The upper two-thirds of the characters are cut-off to the extent that the line of text is illegiblle.

    To trouble-shoot this, I printed the second sheet again, this time from entering '2' into 'Pages:' on the range of pages box on the Print window, General tab.  Now the first line on the top is legible. 

    I compared the distance from the top of the sheet to the top of the printed area, on the first sheet, printed with Gnome Manual Duplex, to the second, printed by selecting page 2 from the nomrla print menu, as noted.  The printed area on the first sheet begins more closely to to the top of the paper, then on the second. 

    With Gnome Manual Duplex, the distance between the top of the paper and the first printed area is 5/8".  When the same page is printed conventionally, as page 2 of the range 1-2, then this distance is greater, 13/16" (or in millimeters, 17 vs. 21mm.) 

    Could this be because the top of the first line extends too close to the printer's margin limitations? Is there an adjustment that can move the printed area on the second page slightly downward?

    This is with with an .odt text file, Times New Roman 12pitch and an upper margin, set inside Write, of 0.79".  Can you duplicate it?

  • Rick Richardson

    Rick Richardson - 2012-07-20

    I don't use OpenOffice.  When I print from evince a two page document
    it comes out all right.

    $ wget
    $ evince 2pages.pdf
    $ gnome-manual-duplex 2pages.pdf

    I mean its just psutils with a GUI wrapper:

    {ps,pdf}tops '2:0' '2pages.pdf' /tmp/tmpg3_TkU
    {ps,pdf}tops '2:-1U(1w,1h)' '2pages.pdf' /tmp/tmpg3_TkU

  • RonCam

    RonCam - 2012-07-22

    Thanks very much for looking into this. 

    I just checked and the system I'm using right now has EvinceLibreOffice has a .pdf export option, so I will go back-and-forth (tomorrow, as soon as there is time) between Evince and LibreOffice with the same text that showed the problem.  If it can be reproduced, I'll let you know.

    By the way, your utility also works in LinuxMint 12's Mate desktop.  I originally installed it in Gnome, but then rebooted into Mate, and saw the panel icon was there, as well. 


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