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FxGen 0.6 alpha released !

Version 0.6 alpha (Release: CrossPlatForm GUI !)

.Rewrited for new GUI.
.Operators global view display (if any operators out of screen).

.Runtime class creation by modules added (futures plugins .dll, .so ..)
.Modified FxGen Serialization
.Classes saved by name and not by GUID as before
.Support for older fxgen format added.
.Errors reporting.
.Added Stacked Errors tracer... read more

Posted by fxgen 2008-07-30

FxGen 0.5 alpha released !

Version 0.5 alpha (Release: Use FxGen in your Games !)

.Removed MS windows dependencies (use of standart C functions)
.GCC compilation support.
.Added textures garbage management.
.Operators graph scanning optimizations.
.Resources detail management
i.e For textures, process them for size * (x0.5, x1.0, x2.0, ...)
.API to use FxGenLib in other applications (games, demos... see 'BMP Extractor' example)
.Vector graphics renderer using 'Cairo'.
.Added and improved operators (SVG support ...)
.see Operators.txt for details.... read more

Posted by fxgen 2007-10-29

FxGen 0.4 alpha released !

Main Changed
.Any textures sizes management
.Operators parameters version management
.Compilation changed from Static Library to Dynamic (DLL)
.NArchive now support Memory and File Stream
.Added a color picker
.Added TGA Writer at viewport context menu
.Added Bilinear filtering On/Off at viewport context menu

New Operators

Changed Operators
.AddOp support different texture size
.Addop's bitmap had the first input operator's bitmap size.
.Other inputs have their size cropped.
.Alpha mode now blend alpha sources values only
.Now More than 2 inputs can be managed (source texture, normals, specular, ambiant)... read more

Posted by fxgen 2007-06-04

FxGen 0.3 alpha released !

Version 0.3 alpha
.Double click to show an operator result.
.Added operators collision detection when user move or add them (to avoid operators orverlap).
.First page selection when a project is opened or created.
.Fixed crash when deleting a group.
.Fixed application freeze with a complex operators stacking schema (Thanks to: Cristea Cristian)
.Animation controller now saved.... read more

Posted by fxgen 2007-04-18

FxGen 0.2 alpha released !

.Crash correction while deleting a linked operator.
.Operators context menu displayed by categories.
.Fixed properties enumeration name (comma removed).
.Added invalidating reference maker operators if target invalidated.
.Displaying error message 'Invalid links' at viewport.

Posted by fxgen 2007-03-16

FxGen 0.1 alpha released !

Initial released.

Posted by fxgen 2007-02-23

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