Reserved lookup not working?


    KA WING - 2003-09-19

    I find that there are no dns reserve in the output of:
    fwreport -qdt 1  -f /var/log/firewall
    But not:
    fwreport -qmt 1  -f /var/log/firewall

    How come?

    I also find there are no different between
    fwreport -qmt 1 -f /var/log/firewall and
    fwreport -Hqmt 1 -f /var/log/firewall

    How come again?

    Thanks All of you

    • Chris Travers

      Chris Travers - 2003-09-21

      Which version are you running?  And does the script take long to execute?  This will help me track down this problem :-D

      • KA WING

        KA WING - 2003-09-22

        Version 1.1.6,

        It takes about two min. to run the program.

        btw, I want this program on Red Hat 7.2 on DEC Alpha platform, is this because of this.

    • Chris Travers

      Chris Travers - 2003-09-23

      I have issued a bugfix release 1.1.7 to address this problem :P

      • KA WING

        KA WING - 2003-09-23

        Thank you very much.

        I find this tools very useful.

        BUT I wanna ask, how to use with the 'H' options? Sorting function, is it still working?

        • Chris Travers

          Chris Travers - 2003-09-23

          The -H option is designed to sort by hits (within a given port/date combination).  It is still supported and should be working.  If you are having difficulty with it, please send me an email or post a bug report, and I will get on it ASAP.  Please be aware that my firewall logs are not accessible right now, as I am on the road at the moment, so my bugfixes are untested at the moment.

          Another explenation regarding the -H option is this:  for Port 23 on Sept 4, you might see:


          While with the -H, the rows would be reversed.  It does not affect date or port sorting (strictly numeric).


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