Hi again

I just reinstalled my entire Ubuntu installation -- updated to 11.10.  I can report the fwknop version 2.0 compiles and installs great on the system. (As well as the fwknop client using cygwin on windows!!!).  I'm currently discovering how to turn the fwknopd into an Upstart job to make the process start automatically at boot time.  This shouldn't be that difficult however.

My question specifically addresses the knockwatchd program.  I cant find this program in the compiled sources anywhere.  Is this still included in the current package?

As a quick followup to some other issues on the mailing list I found
The fwknop client with gpg functionality can be used on windows with a cygwin installation.  I was able to compile both gpg from git (and its dependencies), gpgme from source, along with fwknop from source on cygwin with little difficulty.  The sending of the gpg encrypted SPA packets works great. I understand the resistance for many to install cygwin since its an emulator and does not run natively, however this is one way to enable the gpg feature with windows.

I wish the android client contained gpg routines.  It looks likes development of this java program stopped.  It runs well with a basic set of features.