I can't seem to get the random port option working.  I'm using 2.0.4 both on server and client (both linux).

My client syntax is the following:
 fwknop -r -A tcp/2223 -R -D xxxx.com

On the server, my fwknopd.conf file has the following:


# Define the filter used for PCAP modes; we default to udp port 62201.
# However, if an fwknop client uses the --rand-port option to send the
# SPA packet over a random port, then this variable should be updated to
# something like "udp dst portrange 10000-65535;".
# Default is "udp port 62201".
#PCAP_FILTER                 udp port 62201;
PCAP_FILTER                  udp dst portrange 10000-65535;

I restarted the fwknop daemon and still couldn't connect when using the -r option from the client.

Is their something I'm missing?
Do I need to set pcap into promiscuous mode?

Thanks in advance