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    I'm considering using fwknop in a system on which perl will not be present. I have already investigated fwknop-c, and I have successfully compiled the fwknop client without dependency on perl. However, the fwknopd deamon remains a perl script (I have only attempted to install the Ubuntu branch of fwknop-c, then used yum to install the fwknop RPM package from the cipherdyne website -- version 1.9.12). Is there a way to compile a fwknopd deamon that possesses no dependency on perl? If so, a rough procedure for doing so would be most helpful.

The first beta release of the fwknopd daemon code is getting very close to being released, and there is no dependency on perl in this code.  Damien Stuart is the primary developer of this code, and you can see the firewall rules handling code in this changeset:


We'll get the beta release posted as soon as we can.


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