Hi Bernhard,

One that I have seen, and may look promising is Gpg4win (http://www.gpg4win.org/).  However, I have not tried to integrate it with fwknop.  I did see it has a libgpgme.dll (gpgme is the library that libfko uses in the Linux side).  One thing to note is that libfko requires gpg (not gpg2) and I do not know if Gpg4win supports the older gpg as I only saw a gpg2.exe in its directory.


On 12/20/2011 03:49 AM, ruh Ruhsam Bernhard wrote:
Thank you.
Do you know where to find a free gpg library + header for Windows?
- Bernhard Ruhsam

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At present, libfko supports GPG encryption on Linux/Unix-based systems that have GPG installed (more precisely libgpgme).  Unfortunately, the GPG support has not yet been worked out on the Windows platform.  It's not to say that it is not possible, however, I believe there is a bit of coding work to do to get there.


-Damien Stuart

On 12/19/2011 05:45 AM, ruh Ruhsam Bernhard wrote:

I'd like to use the fwknop-Windows client.
But I'd require GPG enryption and the client/libfko.dll seems not to have this function included.
Is it possible to get this running on Windows, and if yes, how?

Thank you,
- Bernhard Ruhsam