Hi, first apologies if this is already answered somewhere obvious, I have tried searching (over a week), also apologies if this is the wrong place to ask, again I've looked for the correct place to ask and I think this is it.

I'm looking to use SPA to access my PC at home via my connection at work.

I've successfully managed to use SPA to open up ssh on a non standard port (not 22) between two VMWare sessions, so I know how to configure that part of things.  I've used nmap to verify that the ssh port is filtered until a successful packet is detected by the server VMWare session.  So I think I know how to use/configure SPA between two ubuntu vmware sessions.

What I'm looking to do now is build on that and get into my home network from outside (from work, which has a specific IP address). I think it would involve setting up a standalone server inside my home network which runs the fwknopd service to protect the ssh service but I don't know what I need to do at my ADSL router end.  I know how to forward ports using the standard 'applications' list on the router or create new ones.  I'd like to ultimately be able to bounce off this server running fwknopd and use RDP to control a windows box and also to be able to ssh to my freebsd based NAS.

Is there a port or range of ports I should be forwarding to my server inside the home network?